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May 20, 2011

       You can use SCALE command to zoom the selected objects. You can type a scale factor or specify a base point and distance to zoom objects. A scale factor that is greater than 1 enlarges the object; and a scale factor that is smaller than 1 shrinks the object.


     You can also scale objects by comparing the basic scale and new scale. The objects become larger if the new scale is large than the basic scale.

The dimension will be scale along with the object to scale.

To scale a selection set by a scale factor

  1.   Choose Modify > Scale.

  2.   Select the objects, and then press Enter.

  3.   Specify the base point.

  4.   Specify the scale factor.

Modify toolbar\

Command line SCALE



To scale an object by a scale factor, select the object (A),and then specify the base point (B) and the scale factor Result

       You can also scale some objects using grips. To scale an object, you select the object, and then click a grip. You then change the size of the object by moving the grip. The grip you select depends on the type of object you're modifying. For example, to scale a circle, select a quadrant point grip.

To scale an object using grips

  1.   Select the object.

  2.   Click a grip to select it.

  3.   Drag the grip.

  4.   Click to release.



To scale using grips, select the object (A), click a grip (B), and scale the object by dragging the grip to its new location (C) Result

Commands Reference

LENGTHEN: Changes the length of objects and the included angle of arcs

PEDIT: Edits polylines and three-dimensional polygon meshes

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

SCALE: Enlarges or reduces selected objects proportionally in the X, Y, and Z directions

SPLINEDIT: Edits a spline or spline-fit polyline

STRETCH: Moves or stretches objects

System Variables Reference



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