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Modify Multilines

May 20, 2011

    The multiple lines are comprised of 1 to 16 parallel lines (elements). You can use the methods such as common editing commands, a multiline editing command and multiline styles to edit multilines or their elements.

Add and Delete Multiline Vertices

   You can use MLEDIT to add or delete vertices for a multiline. As shown in the illustration.


Edit Multiline Intersections

     You can control the way two multilines intersect using MLEDIT. The ways include cross and T shape that can be closed, open or merged.


Edit Multiline Styles

      You can use MLSTYLE to add multiline style or set multilines from the existing multiline style, such as the number of elements, color, linetype, lineweight and the offset of each element. You can also edit the end caps and background fill.

       The element and multiline properties of the STANDARD multiline style are not allowed to modify. The current multiline style already used in the drawing is not allowed to modify too. You should edit multiline style before using it.

      If you create a new style without saving the previous one, the properties of the previous one are lost. To maintain the properties, you have better to save each multiline style to an MLN file before creating a new one.

Commands Reference

MLEDIT: Edits multiple parallel lines

MLSTYLE: Defines a style for multiple parallel lines

System Variables Reference



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