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Control Status and Displaying of Grips

May 20, 2011

You can turn the use of grips on and off and control the size and color of grips under different status.

To change grip settings

  1.   Choose Tools > Options.

  2.   In the Options dialog box, click the Selction tab.

  3.   In the Grip Size,specify the size.

  4.   In the Grips, click Enable grips.

  5.   Click on the color button separately behind the Unselected grip color, Selected grip color and Hover grip color, to assign colors for grips under different status.

  6.   Click OK.

        You can use grips to modify objects, such as move, stretch, scale and copy. With the Grips on, the location of grips depending on the type of objects are displayed as follows:


      When you perform quadrant grips on circles, the distance is measured from the center point, but not the selected grip. For example, in Stretch mode, you can select a quadrant grip to stretch a circle, and then specify a distance at the prompt of "New circle radius". The distance is measured from the center point, but not the selected quadrant. If you select the center point, the circle moves.

      When a 2D solid is not lie on the current UCS, the object is stretched on the plane that the object is created, but not on the plane of the current UCS.

      The system variable GRIPOBJLIMIT is used to control the number of grips displayed on the selected object. The value of GRIPOBJLIMIT is not available when you add an object to the current selection set.

Control Grips in Blocks

The system variable GRIPBLOCK is used to control whether the inserted block displays a single grip or all of grips.


Commands Reference

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

System Variables Reference

GRIPADSORB: Controls the displaying range that grips can adsorb. Values range from 0 to 10

GRIPBLOCK: Controls the assignment of grips in blocks

GRIPCOLOR: Controls the color of nonselected grips

GRIPHOT: Determines the color of selected grips. The range of value is from 1 to 255

GRIPHOVER: Determines the color of grips when cursor hovers on them. The valid range of value is 1 to 255

GRIPOBJLIMIT: Suppresses the display of grips when the initial selection set includes more than the specified number of objects

GRIPS: Controls the use of selection set grips for the Stretch, Move, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror Grip modes

GRIPSIZE: Sets the size of the grip box in pixels

GRIPTIPS: Controls the display of grip tips when the cursor hovers over grips on custom objects that support grip tips


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