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Modifying the properties of entities

May 20, 2011

Overview of Object Properties

You can display information about the selected entities. The information varies, depending on the type of entities you select. All of the listings display the following information:

  • Entity type.

  • Layer.

  • Color.

  • Linetype.

  • The location of the entity (its xyz-coordinates relative to the current user coordinate system [UCS]).

  • The size of the entity (the information varies, depending on the entity type).

      The layer, color, linetype are the common properties that most of objects possess. There are a few properties that some individual objects possess, such as radius and area of a circle, length and angle of a line.

        Most of properties can be applied to an object by layer or applied to an object directly.

        If value BYLAYER is set to the property value, the object has the same value as the layer on which it is drawn. For example, if you set Yellow to the layer 0 and assign value BYLAYER to the lines that were drawn on the layer 0, its color is yellow too.

         You can also specify a new value to overwrite the layer's value. For example, yellow is assigned to the layer 0 and the value of lines is set to blue, the color of lines is blue.

     You can use the following methods to display or modify the object properties:

  • View or change properties in the Properties Panel

  • View or modify layer controls on the Layer Properties Manager dialog box, might change Color, Linetype, Lineweight at the Properties toolbar as well.

  • Use command LIST to view the information on the text window.

  • Use command ID to display the coordinate of the specified point

Properties panel

      The Properties panel shows all properties of the specified object. You can change them in this panel.

       When selecting multiple objects, the Properties panel shows the command properties of the selected objects.

        If none of the object is selected, the Properties panel displays the general properties of the current layer, View properties as well as the UCS information.

       By default, double-click an object opens Properties panel if the Properties panel is hidden. This operation is not available when the objects are block, hatch pattern, text, multiline, external reference or gradient fill.

Change the Properties of Objects

        You can change the layer, thickness, linetype, color, and linetype scale of one or more entities. Depending on the type of entity or entities you select, you can also change other properties, such as the start point and endpoint of lines, the center point and radius of circles, and the vertices of polylines.

       You can modify all the properties of all entities simultaneously. For example, using the select command and the Select by Properties option, select all blue entities and change their color to green.

        In the Properties dialog box, changes that you make in the Layer, Color, Thickness, Lineweight, Linetype and Linetype Scale affect all selected entities.

To modify properties of objects

  1. Choose Modify > Properties.

  2. Select the objects.

  3. In the Properties dialog box, changes the desired properties.

Standard toolbar\

Command line PROPERTIES

Note that the Properties dialog box settings that display when no objects are selected determine the properties of new objects when you draw them.

Copy Properties Between Objects

Using Match Properties, you can copy some or all properties of one object to other objects.

The types of properties that can be copied include, but are not limited to:

  • color

  • layer

  • linetype

  • linetype scale

  • lineweight

  • 3D thickness

        By default, all applicant properties are copied along with the objects. You can also specify the desired properties to copy at the Property settings dialog box by typing MATCHPROP.


Commands Reference

ID: Displays the coordinate of a location

LIST: Displays database information for selected objects

MATCHPROP: Applies the properties of a selected object to other objects

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

System Variables Reference

LUPREC: Sets the number of decimal places displayed for all read-only linear units, and for all editable linear units whose precision is less than or equal to the current LUPREC value

PICKFIRST: Controls whether you select objects before (noun-verb selection) or after you issue a command


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