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Fillet and Chamfer

May 20, 2011

You can chamfer or fillet a three dimensional solid much like you chamfer or fillet a twodimensional object.

Create fillers

     You can create fillets for the specified edges of 3D objects. At first, you need to specify the fillet radius, and then choose one method to create fillets.

     If you choose Edge, the system creates fillets for the two selected edges. If you select three or more edges which were around a vertex, the system creates a spheral vertex if the three fillets have the same radius.

       After specifying an arc radius, the system creates a sequence of fillets for the tangential sequence of edges, when you use Loop option and select an edge.

        In 3D space, as the selected objects are coplanar and the extrusion direction is not parallel with the Z axis, you can create a fillet. If the objects are on the same plane, there are two kind of extrusion direction shown as follows:

  • If the objects are on the same plane with the same extrusion direction normal to that plane, the fillet arc is on that plane and has the same extrusion direction.

  • For objects on the same plane with opposite or different extrusion directions, the fillet arc is located on that object plane with an extrusion direction normal to the object plane and inclined towards the positive Z direction of the current UCS. For example, we assume two arcs A and B are on the same plane in 3D space but have opposite extrusion directions (0,0.65,0.86) and (0,–0.65,–0.86) relative to the current UCS. The fillet arc adopts the extrusion direction (0,0.65,0.86).

To fillet a solid

  1. Choose Modify > Fillet.

  2. Select the edge of the solid to fillet.

  3. Specify the fillet radius.

  4. Select additional edges to fillet, and press Enter to fillet

Modify toolbar\

Command line FILLET

Create chamfer

      Using CHAMFER creates chamfers for the adjacent planes. While creating fillets, the system prompts you to specify distance for the first and second object. The first object is the base plane and the second one is other plane.

     After specifying the chamfer distance, you have to select edges to fillet. You can select all edges of the base plane through selecting a edge using Loop option. Get more details from the CHAMFER command.

To chamfer a solid

  1. Choose Modify > Chamfer.

  2. Select the edge of the base surface to chamfer.

  3. Do one of the following:

  • To select a different surface, type n and press Enter.

  • To use the current surface, press Enter.

  1. Specify the distance on first entity.

  2. Specify the distance on second entity.

  3. Do one of the following:

  • Specify the edges to chamfer.

  • To select all edges around the base surface, type l and press Enter.

Modify toolbar \

Command line CHAMFER

Commands Reference

CHAMFER: Bevels the edges of objects

FILLET: Rounds and fillets the edges of objects

System Variables Reference

CHAMFERA: Sets the first chamfer distance

CHAMFERB: Sets the second chamfer distance

CHAMFERC: Sets the chamfer length

CHAMFERD: Sets the chamfer angle

CHAMMODE: Sets the input method

FILLETRAD: Stores the current fillet radius


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