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Imprint,Separate,Shell,Check and Clean 3D Solids

May 20, 2011

       You can change the appearance of 3D objects, separate or create shells at the specified thickness for 3D objects by imprinting, separating or shelling. You can remove redundant edges, points, imprinted and unused objects through cleaning them. You can also check to see the selected objects are the available 3D solids.


       You can create a new face of a solid face by executing imprinting operation. The following objects can be imprinted: arc, circle, line, 2D/3D polyline, ellipse, spline, region, 3D solid. To ensure the imprinting successfully, the objects to be imprinted must be intersected with one or more faces. For example, when a rectangular intersects with a 3D solid, you can imprint the intersecting curve. Then determine whether the original objects are removed or not.


To imprint a solid objects

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Imprint.

  2. Select the solid object you want to imprint.

  3. Select the object you want to imprint on the solid.

Solids Editing toolbar\


        You can separate the selected composed 3D solid into the several 3D solids with the unconnected objects. The composed 3D solid cannot share the common areas or cubage. The separated solids still lies on the original layer and keeps the color unchanged. All nested objects are separated into the simplest objects.

To separate solids

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Separate.

  2. Select the solid you want to separate.

Solids Editing toolbar\


     You can create a shell at the specified thickness. One 3D solid only create a shell, and the system have to move away the existing face before creating a new face. The tangent faces are seen as a face while moving.

To shell a solid

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Shell.

  2. Select the object you want to shell.

  3. Remove any faces you don't want to include.

  4. Specify an offset distance.

Solids Editing toolbar\



Select the entity, and then select faces to remove (A) and (B), then specify an offset distance The resulting shelled entity


       You can check whether a selected object is a valid three dimensional ACIS solid. If it is a valid 3D solid, you can modify the object using the 3D solid editing commands; if not, you cannot edit the object using these commands.

To check a solid

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Check.

  2. Select the objects to check.

Solids Editing toolbar\


     You can remove redundant edges or vertices from solids when they are not needed.

To clean a solid

  1. Choose Modify > Solids Editing > Clean.

  2. Select the object you want to clean.

Solids Editing toolbar\

Commands Reference

SOLIDEDIT: Edits faces and edges of 3D solid objects

System Variables Reference





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