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Use Windows Cut, Copy, and Paste

May 20, 2011

      You can use the Clipboard to cut or copy objects from one drawing to another. Cutting removes the selected objects from a drawing and stores them on the Clipboard. Copying duplicates the selected objects from a drawing and places them on the Clipboard.

Cut Objects

      You can use Window commands such as Cut, Copy and Paste to move or copy objects. With using Cut command, the objects on the clipboard can be pasted to a document or drawing as a OLE object. See more from the PASTECLIP and PASTESPEC command. The links is not available after executing Cut command.

To cut objects to the Clipboard

  1. Select the objects you want to cut.

  2. Choose Edit > Cut.

Standard toolbar\

Command line CUTCLIP

Copy Objects

       You can copy the objects on the clipboard into the document created by other application. The copied objects can keep the height resolution as they are copied with the vector format. These objects store on the clipboard with the WMF (Windows Metafile Format) format. The copies keep unchanged at the other application even if the original drawing has changed.

To copy objects to the Clipboard

  1. Select the objects you want to copy.

  2. Choose Edit > Copy.

Standard toolbar\

Command line COPYCLIP

       Anything that you can copy to the Clipboard can be pasted into a drawing. The format in which the program adds the Clipboard contents to the drawing depends on the type of information in the Clipboard. For example, if you copy ZWCAD drawing entities to the Clipboard, the program pastes them into the drawing as ZWCAD entities. If you copy items to the Clipboard from other programs, they are pasted into the current drawing as embedded ActiveX objects.


Paste Objects

       The system used all available formats to store information when you copy objects into the clipboard. The format that stores the most information was used when pasting the objects on the clipboard into the current drawing.

To paste objects from the Clipboard

Choose Edit > Paste.

Standard toolbar\

Command line PASTECLIP

     To change format to paste, you can select the desired format from the Edit menu.

      The WMF format contains the screen vector information, which can scale or plot the pasted objects without decreasing resolution. It can be applied to the application that supports WMF format.

      The color of objects keeps unchanged when pasting. However, you can use the system variable WMFBKGND and WMFFORGND to control whether the background or foreground is transparent or not, where the pasted objects lie on.

      When the objects to be pasted contain links or nest other objects, you can use PASTESPEC command to insert them from the clipboard into the ZWCAD drawing. When selecting ZWCAD Block, the objects are processed as a block. And you have to explore them before editing. Converting WMF format into ZWCAD Drawing format may lead to the scale factor changed. To avoid of this situation, you can convert the selected objects to a block and then insert it into the ZWCAD drawing using INSERT.

Commands Reference

COPYBASE: Copies objects with a specified base point

COPYCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard

CUTCLIP: Copies objects to the Clipboard and removes the objects from the drawing

PASTEBLOCK: Pastes copied objects as a block

PASTECLIP: Inserts data from the Clipboard

PASTEORIG: Pastes a copied object in a new drawing using the coordinates from the original drawing

PASTESPEC: Inserts data from the Clipboard and controls the format of the data

WMFIN: Imports a Windows metafile

WMFOPTS: Sets options for WMFIN

WMFOUT: Saves objects to a Windows metafile

System Variables Reference

OLEHIDE: Controls the display of OLE objects

WMFBKGND: Controls the background display when objects are inserted in Windows metafile (WMF) format

WMFFOREGND: Controls the foreground color when objects are inserted in Windows metafile (WMF) format


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