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Create Blocks

May 20, 2011

      ZWCAD provides various methods to create blocks, and insert the block into a drawing more times as you need. With this method, you can create blocks as soon as possible.You can use several methods to create blocks:

  •      Combine objects to create a block definition in your current drawing.

  •      Create a drawing file and later insert it as a block in other drawings.

       Objects drawn on several layers with various colors, linetypes, and lineweight properties can be combined into a block. Once a block is inserted into the drawing, the block reference preserves information about the original layer, color, and linetype properties of the objects that are contained in the block although it is always displayed on the current layer. Whether to retain their original properties or inherit their properties such as color, linetype, or lineweight settings from the current layer for objects is controllable. To remove unused block definitions from a drawing, use PURGE command.

       When defining blocks, you should define the block name, objects to be contained in the block, the coordinate values of the base point to be used for inserting the block, and any associated attribute data.

       The block definition in the illustration comprises a name, four lines, and a base point at the intersection of the two diagonal lines.


The illustration shows a typical sequence for creating a block definition.


To create a block for use within a current drawing

  1.   Choose Draw > Block > Make.

  2.   In the Name input box on Block Definition dialog, type a name for the block.

  3.   Specify the insertion point for the block.

  4.   Select the objects that you want in the block, and then press Enter.

  5.   To restore the original objects to the drawing while retaining the new block, click retain.

Draw toolbar\

Command line BLOCK

Create Nested Blocks

      You can define blocks and other blocks as nested blocks so as to simplify the organization of complicated blocks.

      With nested blocks, you can build a single block out of several components. But you should notice that blocks that reference themselves cannot be inserted.


Commands Reference

BLOCK: Creates a block definition from objects you select

PURGE: Removes unused named items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing

WBLOCK: Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file

System Variables Reference



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