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Update Attached External References

May 20, 2011

    If the xref drawings are changed, you can update the xref to the latest version whenever you want.

    To update a xref, start Xref Manager using XREF command, the updated xrefs displayed in the list need to reload, you can update these xrefs by clicking the Reload button.

     Once the xrefs are reloaded, system automatically updates each xref when you open the attached drawing file directly to show the latest xrefs.

Opening external references

      From the Xref Manager you can quickly open the source drawing for any external reference. This is especially helpful if you are working with nested external references, which you cannot bind or detach. From the Xref Manager, open the source drawing, make changes, and then save and close the source drawing. When the Xref Manager displays again, simply reload the external reference.

To open an external reference

  1. Choose Insert > Xref Manager.

  2. Select the external reference to open.

  3. Click Open.

Insert toolbar\

Command line XREF

       Under the expedite network operations, users can update xrefs by reloading regardless of any changes happen to the original file of xrefs. But the variance path for the original file may cause the xrefs updating failed, you must specify actual saving path for the xrefs.


Notification of Changed Xrefs

      After the xrefs having been attached to the drawing, system automatically check whether the original drawing file are modified in certain intervals since it loaded or reloaded the last time. The xref icon located at the right lower corner of the status bar appears an exclamatory mark once the xref file has been modified, and needs to reload. You can click this icon to open xref Manager to reload the changed xrefs.

     Xref notification behavior is controlled by the XREFNOTIFY system variable.


      By default, modified xrefs will be checked every five minutes. You can change the time intervals by setting the XNOTIFYTIME system registry variable using (setenv "XNOTIFYTIME" "n") where n is a number of minutes between 1 and 10080 (seven days). Note that XNOTIFYTIME value must be entered by ignorecase.

Update Xrefs with Demand Loading Turned On

      If system variable XLOADCTL is set to 0, turn off Xrefs with Demand Loading, load the whole drawing if click the load button.

      If system variable XLOADCTL is set to 1, turn on Xrefs with Demand Loading, all other users can't access the xref file when reloading the file with Demand Loading.

      If system variable XLOADCTL is set to 2, load a temporary copy of the latest vertion of the xref file to be loaded.

Reloading external references

      When you open or print a drawing, any external references in the drawing are updated automatically. If a drawing is already open and a referenced drawing is modified, you can update the current drawing manually to display the latest version of the referenced drawing. You may also want to reload an external reference that has been unloaded temporarily.

To reload an external reference

  1. Choose Insert > Xref Manager.

  2. Select the external reference to reload.

  3. Click Reload.

Insert toolbar \

Command line XREF

Command Reference

XREF: Controls external references to drawing files

System Variables Reference

INDEXCTL: Controls whether layer and spatial indexes are created and saved in drawing files

TRAYICONS: Controls whether a tray is displayed on the status bar

TRAYNOTIFY: Controls whether service notifications are displayed in the status bar tray

TRAYTIMEOUT: Controls the length of time (in seconds) that service notifications are displayed

XEDIT: Controls whether the current drawing can be edited in-place when being referenced by another drawing

XLOADCTL: Turns xref demand loading on and off and controls whether it opens the original drawing or a copy

XLOADPATH: Creates a path for storing temporary copies of demand-loaded xref files

XREFNOTIFY: Controls the notification for changed or missing xrefs 

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