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Load and use Linetypes

May 20, 2011

A linetype is a repeating pattern of dashes, dots, and blank spaces displayed in a line or a curve.

Loads linetype from a drawing to be reused when needed.

Work with Linetypes

      You can assign linetypes to objects by layer, or by specifying the linetype explicitly. Besides choosing linetype, you can specify its scale to control the size of dashes and spaces, and create your own custom linetypes.

Note You should not confuse these linetypes with the hardware linetypes provided by some plotters. Both linetypes of dashes produce the similar effects. However, if you use both linetypes at the same time, the results can be unpredictable.

Load Linetypes

    ZWCAD includes the linetype definition files zwcad.lin and zwcadiso.lin. Zwcad.lin is used in the imperial system; and zwcadiso.ini is used in the metric system. If you select zwcadiso.ini, you can use ISO pen-width option when you plot.

     If you want to know what linetypes are already available, you can display a list of linetypes that are loaded in the drawing or stored in an LIN (linetype definition) file. Both linetype definition files contain several complex linetypes.

   You can remove unreferenced linetype information with PURGE or by deleting the linetype from the Linetype Manager. BYBLOCK, BYLAYER, and CONTINUOUS linetypes cannot be removed.

Commands Reference

LINETYPE: Loads, sets, and modifies linetypes

PURGE: Removes unused named items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing

RENAME: Changes the names of objects

System Variables Reference

MEASUREINIT: Sets the initial drawing units as imperial or metric

MEASUREMENT: Sets drawing units as imperial or metric for the current drawing only


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