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Create and Name Layers

May 20, 2011

      You can create an unlimited number of layers in every drawing and use those layers for organizing information. When you create a new layer, it is initially assigned the color white (or black, depending on your system settings) and the linetype CONTINUOUS.By default, a new layer is also visible. After you create and name a layer, you can change its color, linetype, visibility, and other properties.

   Layers can have alphanumeric names up to 255 characters long.

   In many cases, the layer names you choose are dictated by corporate, industry, or client standards.

    The Layer Properties Manager sorts layers alphabetically by name.

To create a new layer

  1.   Choose Format > Layer.

  2.   Clicks New button.

  3.   Type a name for the new layer.

  4.   Clicks OK button.

Properties toolbar \

Command line LAYER

To change a layer name in the current drawing

  1.   Choose Format > Layer.

  2.   From the Layer Properties Manager dialog box, clicks the name of layer you want to change.

  3.   Types a new name and clicks OK button.

Properties toolbar \

Command line LAYER

NOTE You cannot rename the 0 layer.

Setting the current layer

      When you start a drawing, objects are created in the current layer. By default, the layer 0 is set to the current layer, but you can also create a new one and make it current. Either frozen or xref-dependent layer cannot be set to the current layer. Any subsequent objects you create are associated with the current layer and use its color and linetype.

To make a layer current

  1. Choose Format > Layer.

  2. Selects the layer and clicks the Current button to make the layer current.

  3. Clicks OK button.

Properties toolbar\

Command line LAYER

Remove Layers

You can remove unused layers from your drawing with PURGE or by deleting the layer from the Layer Properties Manager.

Commands Reference

LAYER: Manages layers and layer properties

PURGE: Removes unused named items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing

System Variables Reference

CLAYER: Sets the current layer


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