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Filter and Sort the List of Layers

May 20, 2011

    Limits the display of layer name listed in the Layer Properties Manager and sorts them by name or by properties, such as color and visibility.

    You can use a layer filter limits the display of layer names in the Layer Properties Manager.

 The following properties can be included in the filter definition:

  •      Whether layers are set to be plotted

  •      Layer names, colors, linetypes, lineweights, and plot styles

  •      Whether layers are locked or unlocked

  •      Whether layers are turned on or off

  •      Whether layers are frozen or thawed in the current viewport or all viewports

     When setting filter conditions, you can also use wild-card characters to filter names by name. For example, typing nare* displays layer name preceded with nare, just click Add button if the filter name has been specified.

      You can also use invert filter to display layer names that do not be included filter definition. For example, if all the site plan information of a drawing is contained in multiple layers, which include the word lite as part of the layer name, you should firstly define the filter by way of specifying filter name and inputting *lite* in layer name option, and then click Invert Filter option to display all the information excluded from the site plan information.

      Name Layer Filters lists default filters and other saved filters created in the current drawing. The three default filters are shown as follows:

  •      Show all layers.

  •      Show all used layers.

  •       Show all Xref_dependent layers.

      The new created filters are displayed in the Name Layer Filters at the Layer Properties Manager. These filters are saved with the drawing.


Sort Layers

      From the Layer Properties Manager, you can click column heading to sort layers by their properties in that column. The properties include layer name, visibility, color, lineweight, plotted style and linetype. And layer names can be sorted in descending or ascending alphabetical order.

Commands Reference

LAYER: Manages layers and layer properties

System Variables Reference

MAXSORT: Sets the maximum number of symbol names or block names sorted by listing commands


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