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Save and Restore Layer Settings

May 20, 2011

You can save the current layer settings in a drawing and restore them later.

Save Layer Settings

Layer settings include:

  • Layer states, such as on, frozen, locked, plot and freeze automatically in a new viewport.

  • Layer properties, such as color, linetype, lineweight and plot style.

      You can save layer settings alternatively. For example, you can choose to save only Frozen/Thawed settings of the layers in a drawing, ignoring all other settings. When you restore the layer states, all settings remain as they are currently set except whether each layer is frozen or thawed.

     You can export named layer states to an LAS file for use in other drawings using the Layer States Manager. The layer states of xref cannot be exported.

Restore Layer Settings

      You can not only restore the saved settings, but also edit, rename or delete named settings. Using Layer States Manager, you can import named layer states that were previously export to LAS files.

      Whatever layer states come from the drawing or LAS files, only saved settings can be restored and the unspecific layer settings remains the original settings.

Commands Reference

LAYER: Manages layers and layer properties

System Variables Reference





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