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Calculating distances and angles

May 20, 2011

You can calculate the distance between any two points you select. The following information is displayed:

  •      The distance between the points, measured in drawing units.

  •      Their angle in the xy plane.

  •      Their angle measured from the xy plane.

  •      The change (delta) in the x, y, and z distances between the two points.

To calculate the distance between two points and their angle

  1.   Choose Tools > Inquiry > Distance.

  2.   Specify the first point.

  3.   Specify the second point.

Inquiry toolbar\

Command line DIST



Use the Distance command to calculate the distance (A) between two points (B and C), the angle in the xy plane (D), the angle from the xy plane, and the delta x (E), delta y (F), and delta z distances between the two points.

TIP To use specific points on selected objects, use object snaps to select the precise points on the objects.

Commands Reference

DIST: Measures the distance and angle between two points

ID: Displays the coordinate of a location

AREA: Calculates the area and perimeter of objects or of defined areas

LIST: Displays database information for selected objects

MASSPROP: Calculates the mass properties of regions or 3D solids

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

UNITS: Controls coordinate and angle display formats and precision

CAL: Evaluates mathematical and geometric expressions

System Variables Reference

DISTANCE: Sets the display size for point objects

AREA: Stores the last area computed by the AREA command

PERIMETER: Stores the last perimeter value computed by the AREA or LIST commands 

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