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Displaying information about your drawing

May 20, 2011

You can display a variety of information about a drawing and the objects it contains, including:

  •      Information in the drawing database about selected objects.

  •      The current drawing status.

  •      The time spent working on the drawing.

This information is displayed in the Prompt History window and in the command bar.

Displaying information about objects

You can display information about the selected objects. The information varies, depending on the type of objects you select. All of the listings display the following information:

  • Object type.

  • Layer.

  • Color.

  • Linetype.

  • The location of the object (its xyz coordinates relative to the current user coordinate system [UCS]).

  • The current space (model space on the Model tab or paper space on a Layout tab).

  • The size of the object (the information varies, depending on the object type).

To display information about an object

  1. Choose Tools > Inquiry > List.

  2. Select one or more objects.

  3. Press Enter.

Inquiry toolbar\

Command line LIST

TIP To return to the drawing window, press F2.

Displaying the drawing status

You can display information about the current status of a drawing, including:

  • Drawing name.

  • Limits.

  • Insertion base point.

  • Snap and grid settings.

  • Current layer, color, and linetype.

  • Current settings for various modes (fill, grid, orthogonal, snap, blips, and so on).

To display the drawing status

  • Choose Tools > Inquiry > Status.

Command line STATUS

Tracking time spent working on a drawing

You can display information about the amount of time you have spent working on a drawing, including:

  • The date and time the drawing was created.

  • The date and time the drawing was most recently saved.

  • The total amount of time spent working on the drawing.

  • The time spent working on the drawing during the current editing session. You can turn the elapsed time timer on and off or reset it to zero.

To display the timer information

  1. Choose Tools > Inquiry > Time.

  2. You can do following commands:

  • Type on to turn the elapsed timer on.

  • Type off to turn the elapsed timer off.

  • Type display to redisplay the timer information.

  • Type reset to reset the elapsed timer to zero.

  1. Press Enter to exit the command.

Command line TIME

Commands Reference

ID: Displays the coordinate of a location

LIST: Displays database information for selected objects

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

TIME: Displays the current time and the last updated time, total editing time, elapse time and the time that the current drawing were created

STATUS: Displays the information of the current drawing

System Variables Reference

LUPREC: Controls the number of decimal places shown for coordinate display and linear units in commands

PICKFIRST: Controls whether you select objects before (noun-verb selection) or after you issue a command

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