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How to manage multiple drawings in zwcad?

May 20, 2011

   With the multiple document interface (MDI) feature, you can open more than one drawing inside of ZWCAD. Because you can open and work on several drawings at one time, you can copy, cut, or paste an entity from one drawing to another.

   Each drawing appears in a drawing window, which has the following advantages:

   You can see two or more drawings side by side.

   You can easily copy entities from one drawing to another.


One session of ZWCAD with four drawings open.

     When you work with more than one drawing open in its own window, you can easily, cut, copy, and paste in between drawings. If you copy an entity from one window to another and then want to undo that action, you must undo it from the drawing into which you copied the entity. If you cut and paste an entity and then want to undo that action, you must undo it in both drawings.

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