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Save and Restore drawings Views in zwcad

May 20, 2011

     You can save views by name and restore them for plotting or when you need to refer to specific details. A named view is comprised of specific magnification, location and orientation.

    You can also restore up to 10 previous views. When you end drawing, the previous views cannot be restored. If you want to restore views among sessions, you have to save the drawing along with views by name.

     When you restore views, you can view all saved views along with their information. You can delete views when you do not need them. A drawing can be saved along with unlimited views.

Save a View

When you name and save a view, the following settings are saved:

  • Magnification, center point, and view direction

  • The location of the view: the Model tab or a specific layout tab

  • Layer visibility in the drawing at the time the view is saved

  • User coordinate system

  • 3D perspective and clipping

     If you have divided the drawing window into multiple views, you can save the current window arrangement so that you can recall it to the screen later. The number and placement of the windows are saved exactly as they are currently displayed. The settings for each window are also saved.

Restore a Named View

With the VIEW Restore, you can restore a named view to the current view.

  • Named views can be used to do the following:

  • Restore views on the model space viewport or layout viewport.

  • Specify the area to plot

  • Determined which model space view is displayed when opening the drawing.

You can specify a layout view when you open the drawing only if you save the drawing from that specified layout tab.

Commands Reference

RENAME: Changes the names of objects

VPORTS: Creates multiple viewports

System Variables Reference


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