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View 3d parallel projection in zwcad

May 20, 2011

    You can view a parallel projection of 3D models at any location in model space free 3d cam software.

To determine the angle or viewpoint, you can:

  •       Select a preset 3D view from the View toolbar.

  •        Type angles or coordinate that represent the viewing location in 3D.

  •         Modify a view of the current UCS, the WCS or a saved UCS.

  •        Change the 3D view dynamically using pointing device.

  •         Set front and back clipping planes to limit the objects that is displayed.

     Viewing 3D model is available only in model space. If you are working in paper space, the 3D viewing commands such as VPOINT, DVIEW and PLAN cannot be used to define paper space views. The view in paper space is always a plane view.

     The plane view is a view that you look toward the origin (0, 0, 0) from a point at the positive Z axis. This method results in a view of the XY plane. You can restore the view and coordinate system that is the default for most ZWCAD drawings by setting the UCS orientation to World and then setting 3D vies to Plan View.

Commands Reference

DVIEW: Defines parallel projection or perspective views

PLAN: Displays the plan view of a specified user coordinate system

VPOINT: Sets the viewing direction for a three-dimensional visualization of the drawing

System Variables Reference

VIEWDIR: Stores the viewing direction in the current viewport expressed in UCS coordinates

WORLDVIEW: Determines whether input to the DVIEW, and VPOINT commands is relative to the WCS (default) or the current UCS

BACKZ: Stores the back clipping plane offset from the target plane for the current viewport, in drawing units

FRONTZ: Stores the front clipping plane offset from the target plane for the current viewport, in drawing units

VIEWTWIST: Stores the view twist angle for the current viewport

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