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Setting the viewing direction

May 20, 2011

     You view three dimensional drawings by setting the viewing direction. The viewing direction establishes the viewing position, the Cartesian coordinate corresponding to the viewpoint looking back at the origin point, the 0,0,0 coordinate. When you view a drawing from the default viewpoint (0,0,1), you see a plan view of the drawing.

    You can change the viewing direction to look at the drawing from a different vantage point or to work on a three dimensional model from a different orientation.

To set a new viewing direction

  1.    Choose View > 3D Views > Viewpoint Presets.

  2.    Click the preset button.

  3.    Click the preset view you want to use.

Command line SETVPOINT

     You can set the current viewing direction to the plan view of the current user coordinate system (UCS), a previously saved UCS, or the World Coordinate System (WCS).

To dynamically set a view direction

  1.   Choose View- 3D Views – Viewpoint Presets.

  2.   Click the appropriate tools to dynamically change the viewpoint.

  3.   To complete the command, click OK.

Command line DDVPOINT

    You can dynamically rotate the viewpoint within the xy plane and relative to the xy plane, and you can pan and zoom the drawing. As you change the viewpoint settings, the drawing display automatically updates.

To display a plan view of the current drawing

  1.   Choose View > 3D Views > Plan View.

  2.   It concludes three plan views: Current UCS, World, UCS. Choose one what you want.

Command line PLAN

Commands Reference

DVIEW: Defines parallel projection or perspective views

PLAN: Displays the plan view of a specified user coordinate system

VPOINT: Sets the viewing direction for a three-dimensional visualization of the drawing

System Variables Reference

VIEWDIR: Stores the viewing direction in the current viewport expressed in UCS coordinates

WORLDVIEW: Determines whether input to the DVIEW, and VPOINT commands is relative to the WCS (default) or the current UCS

BACKZ: Stores the back clipping plane offset from the target plane for the current viewport, in drawing units

FRONTZ: Stores the front clipping plane offset from the target plane for the current viewport, in drawing units

VIEWTWIST: Stores the view twist angle for the current viewport

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