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Hide Lines or Shade 3D Objects in ZWCAD

May 20, 2011

    Hides or shapes for 3D objects in the current drawing, suppresses the display of the objects (partly or entirely) that are located behind other objects, or generates a simply shaded image displayed in the current view.

Hide Lines

     You can suppress the objects (partly or entirely) that are located behind other objects using Hide.

     The system generates wireframe representations including hidden lines when you use VPOINT, DVIEW or VIEW command to create objects in 3D view. You can use HIDE command to remove the hidden lines to verify the current placement of these surfaces.

      When you view or plot wireframes, complex drawings usually appear too cluttered to convey accurate information.

      Hiding background objects that in reality would be obscured by objects in the front background simplifies the display of the drawing and clarifies the design. Shown as the following picture:


       Hiding background lines makes the display much clearer, but you cannot modify hidden-line or render views. It may take a long time to calculate and obscure hidden lines if the drawing is complex. However, you can speed up the process in the several ways. For example, you can avoid drawing details that will not be visible at the scale at which you are displaying or plotting the drawing. You can also exclude objects from the hiding process by zooming into a part of the drawing.

  • Remove hidden lines on one or more selected objects to improve performance.

  • When the system variable DISPSILH is set to 1, HIDE command displays only the silhouette lines of the objects. It does not display the inside edges generated by a nested face of an object.

  • When the current view is shaded, hiding lines on solid objects also suppresses drawing the mesh image, and instead displays the objects using wireframe representation with the back lines hidden.

Add Simple Shading to 3D Objects

      Although hiding lines can enhance the drawing and clarifie the design, shading produces a more realistic image of your model.

      You can modify shaded objects as you normally would. When a shaded object is selected, the wireframe and grips appear on top of the shading.

Command Reference

DVIEW: Defines parallel projection or perspective views

HIDE: Regenerates a three-dimensional model with hidden lines suppressed

MVIEW: Creates and controls layout viewports

REGEN: Regenerates the entire drawing from the current viewport

System Variables Reference

DISPSILH: Controls display of silhouette curves of solid objects in Wireframe mode

HALOGAP: Specifies the distance to shorten a haloed line

HIDEPRECISION: Controls the precision of hides and shades

HIDETEXT: Specifies whether text objects created by the TEXT, DTEXT, or MTEXT commands are processed during a HIDE command

OBSCUREDCOLOR: Specifies the color of obscured lines

OBSCUREDLTYPE: Specifies the linetype of obscured lines

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