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May 20, 2011

A line consists of two points: a start point and an endpoint. You can connect a series of lines, but each line segment is considered a separate line object.

To draw a line

  1.    Choose Draw > Line.

  2.    Specify the start point.

  3.    Complete the first line segment by specifying the endpoint. To undo the previous line segment during the Line command, enter u and then press ENTER. Specify the endpoints of any additional line segments.

  4.    Press Enter to complete the command.

To start a new line at the endpoint of the last line drawn, start the Line command again and press Enter at the Specified Start Point prompt.

Draw toolbar\

Command line LINE


Start point (A) and endpoint (B).

If the last object you drew was an arc, you can also draw a line connect to and starting from the endpoint of the arc.

To draw a line as a continuation from the end of an arc

  1.   Choose Draw > Line.

  2.   Take the end of an arc as the start point of line.

  3.    Specify the length of the line.

Draw toolbar\

Command line LINE


Endpoint of previous arc (A) and length of the line (B).

Commands Reference

LINE: Creates straight line segments

RAY: Creates a semi-infinite line

XLINE: Creates an infinite line

System Variables Reference


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