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May 20, 2011

With ZWCAD, rectangles are closed polylines with four sides. You draw a rectangle by specifying its opposite corners. The rectangle is normally aligned parallel to the current snap and grid alignment, but you can use the Rotated option to align the rectangle to any angle.

To draw a rectangle

  1.   Choose Draw > Rectangle.

  2.   Specify one corner of the rectangle.

  3.   Specify the opposite corner of the rectangle.

Draw toolbar\

Command line RECTANG



Opposite corners (A and B) Resulting rectangle

You can edit each side of a rectangle individually using the Edit Polyline tool on the ModifyII toolbar. You can convert the sides into individual line objects using the Explode tool on the Modify toolbar.

TIP To control the line width of the rectangle, type w in the command line, then type the desired value of line width. After you change the width of the line, the new width setting remains in effect for subsequent rectangles until you change it again.

Commands Reference

BOUNDARY: Creates a region or a polyline from an enclosed area

EXPLODE: Breaks a compound object into its component objects

POLYGON: Creates an equilateral closed polyline

RECTANG: Draws a rectangular polyline

System Variables Reference

FILLMODE: Specifies whether hatches (including solid-fill), two-dimensional solids, wide polylines, are filled in

HPBOUND: Controls the object type created by the BHATCH and BOUNDARY commands

PLINEWID: Stores the default polyline width

POLYSIDES: Sets the default number of sides for the POLYGON command

SNAPANG: Sets the snap and grid rotation angle for the current viewport 

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