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May 20, 2011

You can draw a point object formatted as either a single dot or as one of 19 other possible display styles.

To draw a point

  1.   Choose Draw > Point > Single Point.

  2.   Specify the location of the point.

Draw toolbar\

Command line POINT

To draw several points

  1. Choose Draw > Point > Multiple Point.

  2. Specify the location of each point.

Draw toolbar \

Command line POINT

Changing the size and appearance of point objects

Changing the size and appearance of point objects affects all point objects already in the drawing, as well as all points that you subsequently draw. Positive values represent the absolute size of the point object measured in drawing units. Negative values represent a percentage relative to the drawing screen, so that points retain their visual size as you use the Zoom command to change the magnification of the drawing.

To change the size and appearance of point objects

  1. Choose Format > Point Style.

  2. Under Point Style, select the style you want.

  3. Under Point Size, select the point size, or choose one of the options.

  4. Click OK.

Command line DDPTYPE

When you regenerate the drawing, all point objects change to reflect the new size and appearance settings.

Commands Reference

DDPTYPE: Specifies the display style and size of point objects

POINT: Creates a point object

System Variables Reference

PDMODE: Controls how point objects are displayed

PDSIZE: Sets the display size for point objects

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