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Create Wireframe Models

May 20, 2011

 wireframe model is an edge or skeletal composition of lines and curves that are used to define 3D objects.

Tips for Using Wireframe Models

For the objects that are used to construct wireframe are required to be individually created and located, creating 3D wireframe models can be more difficult and time-consuming than creating their 2D views. The following tips are provided to help you work more effectively:

  • Plan and organize models on layers so as to reduce the visual complexity of the model. Specifying different color for each layer can help with differentiate between objects in various views.

  • Create construction geometry to define the basic shape of the model.

  • Use multiple views, especially isometric views, to facilitate visualizing the model and selecting objects.

  • To be adept at manipulating the UCS in 3D. Use the XY plane of the current UCS as a workplane to orient planar objects such as circles and arcs. The UCS is also used as the plane for trimming and extending, offsetting, and rotating objects.

  • Use object snaps and grid snap carefully to ensure the precision of models.

  • Use coordinate filters to drop perpendiculars and easily locate points in 3D based on the location of points on other objects.

Create Wireframe Models

You can create wireframe models by positioning any 2D planar object anywhere in 3D space, using the following methods:

  • Specifying 3D coordinates.Which is X, Y, and Z location of the object.

  • Setting the default workplane (the XY plane of the UCS) on which you will draw the object.

  • Positioning an object by moving or copying to its proper 3D location after you create it.

Commands Reference

UCS: Manages user coordinate systems

System Variables Reference

ELEVATION: Stores the current elevation relative to the current UCS for the current viewport in the current space




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