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Control Dimension Elements

May 20, 2011

You can modify the appearance of dimension lines, extension lines, arrowheads, and center marks.

Modify Dimension Lines

     On the Lines and Text tab of the Modify Dimension Style dialog box, you can set the color of dimension lies, lineweight, ticks beyond extend line, baseline spacing, and visibility.

     Only when the arrowheads are assigned as oblique stroke arrowheads, architectural tick, Integral, dot small or none arrowheads, you can set the displacement explains how far the dimension line extends beyond the extend lines, otherwise this setting is not available.

    You can also set the baseline spacing to control the spacing between successive dimension lines.

    If text splits a dimension line, you can specify whether each part of the dimension line is visible or not.

Modify Extension Lines

      Extension lines have the following properties: color, lineweight, distance beyond extension lines, offset from start of extension lines, and visibility. You can set these properties on the Lines and Arrows tab of the Modify Dimension Style dialog box.

     If extension lines are unnecessary or there is not enough space to display extension lines, you can suppress one or both of them.

     The distance beyond extension lines means that how far the extension lines extend beyond the dimension line.

     Start offset is the distance between the extension line origin and the start of the extension line, also called extension origin offset. Shown as follows:


      The first extension line lies on the side where you specified the first extension line origin. If you create a dimension for a line, you do not specify the extension line origin. Because the endpoint of the line closet to the specified point becomes the origin of the first extension line. Generally, the extension lines are perpendicular to the dimension line. However, if there is not space, you can make them oblique, shown as the figure above.

      You can control settings affecting dimension lines, extension lines, and center marks. Any changes you make affect the current dimension style. The image tile on the right side of the Dimension Settings dialog box shows the appearance of the dimensions based on the current dimension style settings.



A Extend beyond dim lines.

B Baseline spacing.

C Offset from origin.

To set the color for dimension lines

  1. Choose Dimensions >Dimension Style.

  2. In the Dimension Style Manager, select the style you wish to change and choose Modify.

  3. Click the Lines and Arrows tab.

  4. Make your selections under the Dimension Lines.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Choose Close to exit.

Dimension toolbar \

Command line DIMSTYLE

Choose Dimension Arrowheads

      You can control the appearance and size of arrowheads or hook marks placed at the ends of dimension lines. Any changes you make affect the current dimension style. The appearance of selected arrowhead is display in the preview frame placed at the upper right corner of the Modify Dimension Style or New Dimension Style dialog box.

      You can specify different arrowheads for both ends of a dimension line and for leader lines. The First arrow is toward the first extension line; The Second arrow is toward the second extension line. Blocks defined in the drawing also display in the three Arrowhead lists as user defined arrows. You can use these blocks to create and assign your own arrowheads. The Arrow Size value determines the size of the arrowhead, measured in drawing units. You can also use tick marks instead of arrowheads.

To choose an arrowhead

  1. Choose Dimensions >Dimension Style.

  2. In the Dimension Style Manager, select the style you want to change and click Modify button.

  3. Click the Lines and Arrows tab.

  4. Make your selections under the Arrowheads.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Choose Close to exit.

Dimension toolbar \

Command line DIMSTYLE

NOTE You can also specify leader arrow types using the DIMLDRBLK system variable.

Customize Arrowheads

     The default arrowheads are stored as block definitions. If you select User Defined as your arrowhead type, you'll be prompted to assign a name for an existing block definition.

      The overall dimension scale factor determines the arrowhead size. If you assign the User Define Arrowhead to the arrowhead in the Dimension Style Manager dialog box, the block is inserted where the arrowheads would normally go when you create a dimension. The X and Y scale factors of the object are set to "arrowhead size overall scale. You can trim the dimension line with text gap x overall scale units at each end. If you want to trim the dimension line, insert the rightmost block with a zero rotation angle for horizontal dimensioning. And rotate the leftmost block at 180 degrees about its insertion point.

    If you use paper-spacing scale, the scale factor is calculated before you applied it to the arrowhead size value.

Center marks

      While you are creating dimensions for circle or arc entities, you can setup type and size for the center mark. Three types of marks are provided here: None, Mark, and Line.

Commands Reference

DIMSTYLE: Creates and modifies dimension styles

BLOCK: Creates a block definition from objects you select

WBLOCK: Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file

System Variables Reference

DIMCLRD: Assigns colors to dimension lines, arrowheads, and dimension leader lines

DIMDLE: Sets the distance the dimension line extends beyond the extension line when oblique strokes are drawn instead of arrowheads

DIMDLI: Controls the spacing of the dimension lines in baseline dimensions

DIMGAP: Sets the distance around the dimension text when the dimension line breaks to accommodate dimension text

DIMLWD: Assigns lineweight to dimension lines

DIMSD1: Controls suppression of the first dimension line

DIMSD2: Controls suppression of the second dimension line

DIMSOXD: Suppresses drawing of dimension lines outside the extension lines

DIMTOFL: Controls whether a dimension line is drawn between the extension lines even when the text is placed outside

DIMEXE: Specifies how far to extend the extension line beyond the dimension line

DIMEXO: Specifies how far extension lines are offset from origin points

DIMLWE: Assigns lineweight to extension lines

DIMSE1: Suppresses display of the first extension line

DIMSE2: Suppresses display of the second extension line

DIMASZ: Controls the size of dimension line and leader line arrowheads

DIMBLK: Sets the arrowhead block displayed at the ends of dimension lines or leader lines

DIMBLK1: Sets the arrowhead for the first end of the dimension line when DIMSAH is on

DIMBLK2: Sets the arrowhead for the second end of the dimension line when DIMSAH is on

DIMSAH: Controls the display of dimension line arrowhead blocks

DIMTSZ: Specifies the size of oblique strokes drawn instead of arrowheads for linear, radius, and diameter dimensioning


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