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Create Angular Dimensions

May 20, 2011

      Angular dimensions are used to measure the angle between lines or three points. You can dimension objects including circles, arcs, and lines. You can also create an angular dimension directly with three specified points. By selecting the circle and specifying the angle endpoints, you can create the angular dimension to measure the angle between two radii of a circle. For other objects, you choose the objects and specify the dimension location. You can also create a angular dimension by specifying the angle vertex and endpoints.

       When you create the angular dimension, you can modify the text contend and alignment before placing the dimension line.

       With the existing angular dimensions, you can also create baseline and continued angular dimensions. Baseline and continued dimensions should not be over 180 degrees. To acquire baseline and continued dimensions that are larger than 180 degrees, you have to stretch the position of the extension line of an existing baseline or continued dimension using grid editing.

Dimension Lines

       Angular dimension lines are typically represented with arc segments. To create an angular dimension for two nonparallel lines, the dimension line arc spans the angle between the two lines. As you specify the dimension line arc location, if the dimension line arc does not intersect one or two extension lines being dimensioned, the system automatically draws them. The dimension line arc is always less than 180 degrees. However, for the circles and arcs, the dimension line arc can be up to 360 degrees.

To dimension an angle between two lines

  1. Choose Dimensions > Angular.

  2. Select one line.

  3. Select the other line.

  4. Specify the dimension line location.

Dimension toolbar\

Command line DIMANGULAR



Select one line (A), select the other line (B), and then specify the dimension line location (C). Result

Dimension Circles and Arcs

       If the object to be dimensioned is circle or arc, the dimension line arc is placed between the extensions. The dimension line arc is also drawn between the extension lines when you use three points to create an angular dimension. The quadrant of the dimensioned angle depends on the location that you specify for the dimension line arc.


To dimension an angle encompassed by an arc

  1. Choose Dimensions > Angular.

  2. Select the arc.

  3. Specify the dimension arc location.

Dimension toolbar \

Command line DIMANGULAR



To dimension the angle subtended by an arc, Select the arc (A), and then specify the dimension arc location (B). Result

Commands Reference

DIMANGULAR: Creates an angular dimension

DIMBASELINE: Creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the baseline of the previous dimension or a selected dimension

DIMCONTINUE: Creates a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from the second extension line of the previous dimension or a selected dimension

System Variables Reference

DIMADEC: Controls the number of precision places displayed in angular dimensions

DIMAUNIT: Sets the units format for angular dimensions

DIMDEC: Sets the number of decimal places displayed for the primary units of a dimension


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