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Create Arc Length Dimension

May 20, 2011

      Arc length dimension is available for measuring the arc length of arc or polyline arc segment. ZWCAD creates arc length dimension by specifying extension line position directly after selecting arc by default. And use an arc symbol as arc length dimension logo, which is differing from linear dimension and angular dimension.

       Arc symbol of arc length dimension displays both in front of the dimension text and above it, which is adjustable from "Other Items" tab either in "Create New Dimension Style" dialog box or "Modify Dimension Style" dialog box.



      Additionally, orthogonal or radial extension line is available for arc length dimension, only the included angle of the arc segment selected for creating arc length dimension is smaller than 90 degree can display it's orthogonal extension line.

To create an arc length dimension

  1.   Choose Dimension > Arc Length.

  2.   Select an arc or polyline arc segment.

  3.   Specify a point to position the arc length dimension.

Dimension toolbar\

Command line DIMARC

Commands Reference

DIMARC: Creates an arc length dimension for an arc or polyline arc segment

DIMCENTER: Creates the center mark or the centerlines of circles and arcs

DIMDIAMETER: Creates diameter dimensions for circles and arcs

DIMJOGGED: Creates jogged dimensions for circles, arcs, and polyline arc segments

DIMRADIUS: Creates radial dimensions for circles and arcs

QDIM: Quickly creates a dimension

System Variables Reference

DIMARCSYM: Specifies the location of the arc symbol in an arc length dimension

DIMATFIT: Determines how dimension text and arrows are arranged when space is not sufficient to place both within the extension lines

DIMCEN: Controls drawing of circle or arc center marks and centerlines by the DIMCENTER, DIMDIAMETER, and DIMRADIUS commands

DIMJOGANG: Specifies the angle of the transverse segment of the dimension line in a jogged radius dimension

DIMJUST: Controls the horizontal positioning of dimension text

DIMTAD: Controls the vertical position of text in relation to the dimension line

DIMTIH: Controls the position of dimension text inside the extension lines for all dimension types except ordinate

DIMTMOVE: Sets dimension text movement rules

DIMTOFL: Controls whether a dimension line is drawn between the extension lines even when the text is placed outside

DIMTOH: Controls the position of dimension text outside the extension lines

DIMUPT: Controls options for user-positioned te


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