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Making dimensions oblique

May 20, 2011

       Extension lines are normally created at a perpendicular angle to the dimension line. You can change the angle of the extension lines, however, so that they tilt relative to the dimension line.

To make oblique extension lines

  1.   Choose Dimensions > Oblique.

  2.   Select the linear dimension, and then press Enter.

  3.   Type the obliquing angle, and then press Enter.

Dimension toolbar\

Command line DIMEDIT



Select the dimension to be made oblique (A), and then type the obliquing angle. Result.

TIP To align the oblique angle if you don't know the exact measurement, use snaps to pick two points on the entity.

Commands Reference

DDEDIT: Edits text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames

DIMEDIT: Edits dimensions

DIMTEDIT: Moves and rotates dimension text

PROPERTIES: Controls properties of existing objects

System Variables Reference

DIMCLRT: Assigns colors to dimension text

DIMDSEP: Specifies a single-character decimal separator to use when creating dimensions whose unit format is decimal

DIMJUST: Controls the horizontal positioning of dimension text

DIMTAD: Controls the vertical position of text in relation to the dimension line

DIMTIH: Controls the position of dimension text inside the extension lines for all dimension types except ordinate

DIMTMOVE: Sets dimension text movement rules

DIMTOH: Controls the position of dimension text outside the extension lines

DIMTVP: Controls the vertical position of dimension text above or below the dimension line

DIMUPT: Controls options for user-positioned text

MTEXTED: Sets the primary and secondary text editors to use for multiline text objects


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