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Adjust Dimension Space

May 20, 2011

    Once you have created multiple paralleled linear dimensions or angular dimensions, you can adjust the space among these paralleled lines with an equal value either default or specified.

      Various methods are available for creating paralleled linear dimensions and angular dimensions. Either using DIMLINEAR and DIMANGULAR to create dimension one at a time or executing DIMBASELINE and DIMCONTINUE to place other linear dimensions or angular dimensions according to the linear dimension or angular dimension previously created.

     When using DIMBASELINE for creating baseline dimensions, the space between each dimensions is the identical, which is controlled by system variable DIMDLI, but the variable is only applied to control dimension space for the subsequent dimension space. If you adjust dimension space by changing the size of dimension text is changed only, or adjusting the dimension scale other than changing the position of dimension line, then the dimension line is likely to be overlapped with text.

     DIMSPACE command is also available for adjusting the space among paralleled linear or angular dimensions or overlapped dimensions automatically in case that the original space is not equal values.

     It should be noticed when adjusting dimension space, the dimensions you select must be of the same type, for example, either all of linear dimensions or angular dimensions. Additionally, these dimensions must be paralleled, or share the same origin and placed at the extension line of one another.

      If you set the space value to 0 when adjusting space among dimensions, you can align selected dimensions at the dimension line. If specify the space as Auto, dimension space among them is default to twice of the text height. To modify the text height, you can set from Text tab on Modify dimension style dialog box.


Commands Reference

DDEDIT: Edits text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames

DIMEDIT: Edits dimensions

DIMINSPECT: Adds or removes dimension inspections

DIMJOGLINE: Adds or removes a jog on the specified linear dimension

DIMTEDIT: Moves and rotates dimension text

DIMSPACE: Controls the distance between parallel linear dimensions or angular dimensions

PROPERTIESES: Controls properties of existing objects

System Variables Reference

DIMCLRT: Assigns colors to dimension text

DIMDSEP: Specifies a single-character decimal separator to use when creating dimensions whose unit format is decimal

DIMJUST: Controls the horizontal positioning of dimension text

DIMTAD: Controls the vertical position of text in relation to the dimension line

DIMTIH: Controls the position of dimension text inside the extension lines for all dimension types except ordinate

DIMTMOVE: Sets dimension text movement rules

DIMTOH: Controls the position of dimension text outside the extension lines

DIMTVP: Controls the vertical position of dimension text above or below the dimension line

DIMUPT: Controls options for user-positioned text

MTEXTED: Sets the primary and secondary text editors to use for multiline text objects 

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