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Dimension Break

May 20, 2011

    Break the dimension or extension line, as it disappeared at the intersect point.

    The break size can be set automatically or manually, and the and the options for adding breaks can be set according to the number of intersecting object crossed the dimension and the extension line.



Dimensions for adding dimension breaks:

  •   Linear (including align dimension and jogged dimension)

  •   Angular(2-point or 3-point dimension)

  •   Diameter and Radius

  •   Ordinate

  •   Arc Length

NOTE:Unsupported dimension including

Exceptions in Dimension Break:

  •   Dimension break in block is not supported. That means the object in the block cannot be treated as dimension break ones.

  •   Dimension breaks on arrowhead and text are not supported, that means the dimension break cannot place on dimension arrowhead or text.

  •   Auto dimension breaks on trans-spatial dimension or object are unsupported, but the manual ones are supported.

The following object can be treated as break object on adding dimension breaks:

  •   Dimension

  •   Leader

  •   Line

  •   Circle

  •   Ellipse

  •   Spline

  •   Polyline

  •   Text

  •   Multiline Text

  •   Block(Limited to the above mentioned object)

Dimension toolbar: \

Command line: DIMBREAK

Auto dimension break

To create an auto dimension break, please select a dimension and use Auto in DIMBREAK command. The dimension break will be updated automatically when the dimension or the intersecting object is modified.

Adding dimension break by picking object

Specified the intersecting object without specify the every entity, the breaks will automatically add to every intersecting object. When the dimension or the intersecting object is modified, the dimension breaks will be updated automatically.

Adding dimension break by picking two point

You can specify the dimension break's size and location by picking two point on dimension or extension line. The dimension breaks will not be updated when modifying the dimension or intersecting object. If the dimension or intersecting object modified, the manual dimension breaks should re-created after remove it from the dimension or intersecting object.

The size of the break added by picking two point do not depend on the dimension scale or annotation ratio value.

Setup Break size

Operating steps:

  1.   Select [Format → Dimension Style] from the main menu to call [Dimension Style Manager ]dialog.

  2.   Click “Modify” button to open [Modify Dimension Style]dialog box, then click [Other Items]tab.

  3.   You can modify the value of [Break size] item in [Dimension break]module .

Commands Reference

DIMBREAK: Add or remove dimension breaks at the intersection point where the dimension or extension line crossed with the other entities.


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