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Repair a Damaged Drawing File in zwcad

May 20, 2011

     You can recover some or all of data by reverting to a backup file or using commands to find and correct errors if a drawing file is damaged. A drawing file may be damaged by a hardware failure, power outage and system crash. You can minimize loss by saving files frequently.

      ZWCAD can recover a slightly damaged drawing file while opening it.

      If a drawing is damaged, you can use RECOVER command to check and attempt to open it. Then uses AUDIT command to find and correct errors.

      Though ZWCAD can recover a damaged drawing file, it is not sure that the recovery drawing is the same exactly as the original one. You had better create a backup file if the drawing is important. On the Open and Save tap of Options dialog box, you can specify the backup file are created when you save drawings and set the proper interval time for saving. Then a backup copy file with a .bak extension is created when you save the named drawing once again. After that, a backup file is always updated while you executing the command SAVE or SAVEAS.

    If ZWCAD exits unexpectedly, it attempts to rename the current backup file in order to avoid covering the original one.

     You can recover a drawing file by saving a bak file to a dwg file.

      Files can become damaged for many reasons. For example, if you are working on a drawing during a power outage, a system crash, or a hardware failure, your drawing file may become damaged. ZWCAD allows you to open and check damaged files to attempt file recovery.

Recovering a file attempts to open one of the following file types:

  •       Standard drawing files with a .dwg extension.

  •       Drawing Exchange Format files with a .dxf file extension.

  •       Design Web Format files with a .dwf file extension.

  •       Drawing templates with a .dwt file extension.

     You can also audit any open file to check it for errors. You specify whether you want ZWCAD to fix any errors that are found automatically. ZWCAD fixes as many errors as possible and any errors that cannot be fixed are reported as "Ignored" in the Prompt History window.

To open a damaged file

  1.   Choose File > Drawing Utilities>Recover.

  2.   In Files of Type, choose the type of file you want to recover.

  3.   Choose the directory containing the damaged file.

  4.   Choose the damaged file you want to recover.

  5.   Click Open.

Command line RECOVER

To check errors for a drawing file

  1.   To choose from the opened drawing, click on File > Drawing Utilities > Audit.

  2.   Input Y or N to determine whether to recover the errors that are automatically found by ZWCAD, and then press Enter.

Command line AUDIT

Drawing Recovery

     Once terminated by hardware problems, power failure or software problems, the application is capable of backup the opened drawing file. At the next startup, the program starts "Drawing Recovery" manager in which all of the auto-backup drawing files that have been closed accidentally will be displayed. You can open the file of your demand by double clicking at the Backup File list on the "Drawing Recovery", if there is any damage to the file, system attempts to recover the drawing in process of backup.

    When program or system stopped by accident, the drawing files need to recover are sorted into the following types:

  • Recovered drawing file saved when program fails.( DWG )

  • Auto saved file, so called "auto-save" file (SV$)

  • Backup file (BAK)

  • Source drawing file ( DWG )

Commands Reference

AUDIT: Evaluates the integrity of a drawing

DRAWINGRECOVERY: Starts Drawing Recovery Palette

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

RECOVER: Repairs a damaged drawing

System Variables Reference

AUDITCTL: Controls whether the AUDIT command creates an audit report (ADT) file

DRSTATE: Controls the state of "Drawing Recovery" palette as on or off

RECOVERYMODE: This variable is used for controlling whether to open "Drawing Recovery" window when system error encountered by accident

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