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How to Save a Drawing in zwcad

May 20, 2011

    You save drawing files for later use just as you do with other Microsoft Windows applications. You can also set up automatic saving and backup files and save only selected objects.

    The file extension for drawing files is .dwg, and unless you change the default file format in which drawings are saved, drawings are saved in the latest drawing-file format.

     After you have saved your drawing for the first time, you can save it with a new name. In addition to drawing (.dwg) files, you can also save a drawing in a Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf) file or a drawing template (.dwt) file.

    If you created your drawing using a template, saving the drawing does not alter the original template.

To save a drawing

Choose File > Save.

Command line SAVE

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TIP When you save a drawing the first time, the program displays the Save Drawing As dialog box so that you can choose a directory and type a name for the drawing.

Save Your Drawing Automatically

    You can specify to save drawing files automatically in order to minimize the lost data once a problem occurs.

   If you start the automatic save option, your drawing is saved at specified time intervals. By default, system assigned the name filename.sv$ for temporarily saved files, filename here refers to current drawing name

     The temporary files are removed automatically when a drawing closes normally. However, these files are not deleted if there is a program failure or power failure. You can recover the drawing by reverting to a previous version of your drawing from the automatically saved file. In order to do that, you have to rename the file using a .dwg extension.

Use Backup Files

    ZWCAD creates a backup file with the current drawing name and a .bak extension to save the previous version of the current drawing when launching "backup automatically" option.

    You can revert to the previous version of your drawing anytime using a .dwg extension in place of the .sv$ extension.

Save Part of a Drawing File

    You can use BLOCK command or WBLOCK command to create a new drawing from part of an existing drawing. You can select entities or a block definition in your current drawing and save them in a new drawing file. The description also can be saved in the new drawing.

Save to a Different Type of Drawing File

    Choose the format from Files of Type in the Save Drawing As dialog box, you can save a drawing to an earlier version of the drawing format (DWG) or drawing interchange format (DXF), or save a drawing as a template file.

You can save a drawing with a new name and in any of the following file formats:

  • Standard drawing files with a .dwg extension. You can choose a .dwg file format that is compatible with various versions of AutoCAD.

  • Drawing Exchange Format files with a .dxf file extension. You can choose a .dxf file format that is compatible with various versions of AutoCAD.

  • Drawing templates with a .dwt file extension. Drawing templates allow you to easily create new drawings that reuse your drawing settings and entities.

To save a drawing with a new name or file format

  1. Choose File > Save As.

  2. In the Save Drawing As dialog box, under Save As Type, choose the file format.

  3. Specify the name of the file you want to create.

  4. Click Save.

Command line SAVEAS

TIP You can also export drawing files to various file formats.

Reduce the Time Required to Save a Drawing File

     In order to reduce the time of saving a drawing file, you can specify the incremental save percentage on the Open and Save tap of Options dialog box or from the ISAVEPERCENT system variable.

     The incremental save updates only the portions of the saved drawing file you changed. Drawing files will contain a percentage of potentially wasted space when you use incremental saves. This percentage increases after each incremental save until it reaches the specified maximum value, and then a full save is perform.

     When the ISAVEPERCENT system variable is set to 0, all saves are full saves. This option required more time to save a drawing file but can reduce the size of drawing files. It is recommend you perform a full save before transmitting or archiving a drawing.

Commands Reference

BLOCK: Creates a block definition from objects you select

OPTIONS: Customizes the ZWCAD settings

QSAVE: Saves the current drawing

QUIT: Exits the program

SAVE: Saves the drawing under the current file name or a specified name

SAVEAS: Saves a copy of the current drawing under a new file name

WBLOCK:Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file

System Variables Reference

DWGCHECK: Determines whether the drawing is terminally edited by applications other than ZWCAD

DWGNAME: Stores drawing name input by the user

DWGPREFIX: Stores drawing file driver/directory prefix

DWGTITLED: Indicates whether current drawing has been named

ISAVEBAK: Improves saving speed, especially for drawings in large scale

ISAVEPERCENT: Determines allowed usage capacity of drawing files

RASTERPREVIEW: Controls whether BMP preview images are saved with the drawing

SAVEFILE: Stores the current automatic save file name

SAVEFILEPATH: Specifies the path to the directory for all automatic save files for the current session

SAVENAME: Stores the file name and directory path of the current drawing after you save it

SAVETIME: Sets the automatic save interval, in minutes

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