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ZWCAD Customer Error Report

May 20, 2011

      An error report module will intercept any unhandled exception generated by ZWCAD, build a complete debug report, and optionally send a crash report.

     Sending error report may help assess the stability of ZWCAD software while working in user environment, and improve the quality of our product. When errors are encountered in the procedure of some programs, a dialog box pops up for the user to record the cause of the error and send error report automatically created by the software to the assigned email address so as to help us diagnose the cause of the error and improve our software.

     Once the software encounters exceptional shutdown, a folder named BugReport will be automatically generated under the catalog C:\Documents and Settings\User Account\Application Data\CrashReport, in which all of the compressed packages generated for the exceptional situations are contained, with *.TXT,*.DMP as well as error drawing files included in each package. Here TXT and DMP files share the same name with the compressed package automatically generated.

Describe Error Contents

     When errors occur in the program, a dialog box prompts "ZWCAD.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconveniences" for the user to input descriptions of the problem in the text window showing "Describe what you were doing when the error occurred", whereas it is an optional requirement.

View Contents of Error Report Files

      Generally, the software generates three error reporting files, individually named as *.TXT, *.DMP and the crashed drawing file itself. In this error report dialog box, you can see the contents of error reports by clicking on "Click here" links following the prompts "To see what this report contains". You can optionally select a file in the "Error Report Contents" dialog box, or double click a file to view its contents.

Send Error Report

      Clicks on "Send Error Report" button on the Error Reporting dialog box, then you can send the information of assigned error reports to CrashReport@ZWCAD.com as well as its problem descriptions.

     If the network isn't connecting, a prompt box pops up telling you that "The error report wasn't sent, please send the file to CrashReport@ZWCAD.com". From this prompt box, you can see the name of error report file together its saving path.

Don't send

Additionally, user can choose not to send error report.

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