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May 20, 2011

       With the Plane tool, you can draw rectangular, triangular, or quadrilateral areas filled with a solid color. The default method is to specify the corners of the plane. After you specify the first two corners, the plane is displayed as you specify the remaining corners. The program prompts you for the third point and then the fourth point.

To draw a quadrilateral plane

  1.   Choose Draw > Surfaces > 2D Solid.

  2.   Specify the first point.

  3.   Specify the second point.

  4.   Specify the third point.

  5.   Specify the fourth point.

  6.   To complete the command, press Enter.

Draw toolbar\

Command line SOLID



After you select the first two points (A) and (B), the sequence in which you select the third (C) and fourth (D) points determines the shape of the resulting quadrilateral plane.

       The command line provides additional options for drawing planes. For example, you can draw rectangular, square, or triangular planes.

To draw a rectangular plane

  1.   Choose Draw > Surfaces > 2D Solid.

  2.   On the command line, type r.

  3.   Specify the first point.

  4.   Specify the opposite corner.

  5.   Specify the rotation angle.

  6.   To complete the command, specify the opposite corner to draw another rectangle, or press Enter.

Draw toolbar\

Command line SOLID



Opposite corners (A and B) and rotation angle (C) Resulting plane

Commands Reference

SOLID: Creates solid-filled triangles and quadrilaterals

System Variables Reference


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