• ZWCAD 2011 New Feature: Solid Profile

    Solid Profile is easy for generating 2D images of 3D solids, which is useful for 2D designers who need to catch the profile of 3D solids. Moreover, different viewpoints can be imaged to different profile lines.

  • ZWCAD 2011 New Feature: Table

    Table is one of the most useful functions which can make our work more quick and easy. It enables us to draw tables or part-lists as easy as a click of the mouse.

  • ZWCAD 2011 New Feature: Parametric Drawing

    Parametric drawing is definitely a breakthrough in how we design. With the help of Geometric and Dimensional constraints, you do...

  • ZWCAD 2011 New Feature: MLeader

    Multileaders contain multiple leader lines so that one single note can point to multiple locations in the drawing. Multileaders provide more control and flexibility than traditional leader.

  • ZWCAD 2010 Mtextr nowy, lepszy editor tekstu.

    ZWCAD 2010 Mtextr to nowy lepszy edytor tekstu, w tej wersji możemy skopiować tekst bezpośrednio z innego edytora.

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