Johnstone Safety Products (JSP)
Success metrics:
  • Great design flexibility
  • Reduce design cycle by 100%
  • Easily apply modifications in minutes 


Johnstone Safety Products (JSP), one of Europe’s leading independent safety equipment manufacturers, has seen that increasing work place safety standards and heightened home health care have significantly increased the market for personal safety products. Yet as competition grows, aesthetics begin to compete with features and value as buying criteria. For an industry leader like JSP, with product lines that span home, do-it-yourself and even road safety, the pressure to come up with products that are striking but safe is all the more intense. 


An early adopter of ZW3D technology, JSP has for seven years relied on ZW3D to design many of its products. Working with ZWSOFT, JSP has been able to utilize ZW3D software to back up its innovation and creativity with flexible advanced technology that integrates design and manufacturing. Designers and engineers now only need hours to finish the work which took several weeks in the past. And it’s very easy for JSP to apply customers’ modifications and update the whole design in minutes. ZW3D has left the company more room for “what ifs” and more time to develop new safety products. 

Industry:  Product Design , Others

Product(s) Used: ,ZW3D Standard,

Benefit: design flexibility, improve design efficiency, easy to modify products

Reseller: Print IT 3D Ltd

"In the past, things would have taken weeks to design - now it's only a matter of hours. With the ZW3D hybrid modeler there are no restrictions, we can create any type of shape."


— Johnstone Safety Products

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