Guidant Corp.
Success metrics:
  • Being able to handle odd-shaped models of human organ
  • Highly efficient mold making process
  • Easy to make variations 


Nowadays, surgeons have still relied on living animals and patients for training to become proficient in conducting coronary surgeries, although heart-lung machines, new drugs and devices such as pacemakers and artificial hearts, have been developed. With the new technology being pioneered by Guidant Corp., surgeons are now better able to tackle challenging procedures without life-threatening consequences—and Guidant is able to design a refined new generation of minimally invasive coronary devices.


Guidant is now using powerful freeform modeling in ZW3D software to create the organic shapes of the human heart to achieve a level of realism previously unavailable to physicians and medical product designers outside of a living body. Integrated mold making tools help Guidant get through a process in which complex geometries and varied wall thicknesses help mimic the realities of the human anatomy. 

Industry:  Medical

Product(s) Used: ,ZW3D Professional,

Benefit: powerful modeling capability, highly efficient mold making process, real medical situation simulation, integrated mold making tools

Reseller: 4C Creative Cad Cam Consultants

"ZW3D handles organic forms so well."


— Guidant Corp

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