American Stove Parts
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Make tough jobs simple

Can offer a turnkey solution from product idea to manufacturing

Handle complex surface modeling


Since 1921, American Stove has been manufacturing custom and OEM parts for the appliance industry. With such a diversity of products and varying quantities demanded, American Stove concluded that it had to acquire CAD/CAM technology to become more efficient across the entire gamut of its design-through-manufacturing processes. While the company had no experience working with CAD/CAM software, it knew that it wanted a powerful, full-featured product that was easy to learn and use.  


According to company president Everton Cope, their short learning curve was due both to the software itself and to ZW3D’s unusually strong technical support. “The ZW3D software is so easy to use that it makes tough jobs simple. Prior to adopting ZW3D, American Stove relied on outside vendors or their customers’ vendors to provide part designs. “Since our purchase of ZW3D software, we are now designing parts in-house, which offers our customers a turnkey solution from product idea to manufacturing,” said Cope. 

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Benefit: complex surface modeling, easy to use, strong technology support,

Reseller: ZWSOFT

"ZW3D offers a turnkey solution from product idea to manufacturing."


— American Stove Parts 

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