--Improve mold design efficiency with non-solid mold parting

--Foster greater innovation with flexible modeling  technology

--Cut development costs and accelerate time-to-market



With the growth of business, they need a robust system to accelerate conceptual modeling, reduce development costs, and boost production.





ZW3D is packed with powerful translator, analysis tools and direct editing. It allows Moldegama to work with any 3D CAD format in a collaborative way with any of their customers.


The ability to work with big parts, complex parts and large files, enables them to work with the most exigent automotive customers.


In addition to benefiting from ZW3D basic modeling offerings, the Moldegama team can now streamline their workflow of designing molds, generating BOM and manufacturing.





“ZW3D makes your imagination touchable, merge your ideas with its solid-surface hybrid modeling technology and objectively expose the forms you want to create,”

----Rui Ferreira Job, Director of CAD Department.




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