Able Tech Ltd.
Success metrics:

-- ZW3D is a safe and reliable solution that can meet Able's demand.

-- ZW3D provides lifetime license which greatly reduces the cost of CAD software use.

-- ZW3D technical service responses in a timely manner.


In order to become more competitive, the mold and parts division of Able Tech are heading for hi-tech products. They need an all-in-one CAD/CAM high-quality solution to win the trust of highly demanding enterprises.


Powered by flexible modeling tools and diverse verification functions, ZW3D helps efficiently verify mold design.


With visual Annotaion, designers can intuitively cooperate with others by adding 3D annotations on their design, such as dimensions, coordinate and texts.

Industry:  Mold Design , Product Design , Consumer Products

Product(s) Used: ,ZW3D Standard,

Benefit: ZW3D helps Able to design mold more efficiently from 2D to 3D


“We believe ZW3D can cover the whole production process, including mold design, production, molding, fuel injection, assembly, and IML of parts. We hope ZW3D technology can keep improving and bring the greatest benefits to us,”

-- Nobutoki, General Manager of Able Tech.

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