Success metrics:

——ZW3D helps to shorten the product design cycle.


——ZW3D  is very functional with many easy-to-use and powerful features.


With the use of software in the design becoming increasingly important, BESSEY needed a 3D CAD/CAM platform to achieve innovations in the manufacturing of tooling and metal shears.


As an integrated CAD/CAM system with Windows interface, ZW3D offers easy-handling and intelligent commands that facilitate many work processes.


With Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling technology, ZW3D helps BESSEY to flexibly design from idea to final product.


The embedded file translator benefits BESSEY in improving data interoperability with mainstream 2D & 3D platform.

Industry:  Machinery

Product(s) Used: ,,

Benefit: ZW3D helps BESSEY for the Innovations of Clamps.


“The ZW3D CAD/CAM is very functional with many easy-to-use and powerful features included.”


——Hans Rösch, Head of R&D Department in BESSEY

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