Lakowa Utilizes ZW3D and Allows Success to Speak for Itself
Lakowa Utilizes ZW3D and Allows Success to Speak for Itself
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Guangzhou, China: Nov 16, 2012-Lakowa is a development partner, systems supplier, and manufacturer that was founded in Wilthen, Germany in 1913. They specialize in developing and producing extraordinary plastic parts and use the 3D CAD/CAM solution, ZW3D to design them.



Lawoka Factory


In 2004, Lakowa  decided to upgrade its development tools because they were having difficulty with their current system’s lack of surface functions when attempting 3D constructions. ZW3D  was chosen because of its innovative and self geometric modeling kernel with surface features. The custom modules for tools and CAM processing as well as accurate data exchange aided this decision. The excellent value for money along with compelling service from Encee, ZW3D’s reseller in Germany was also a crucial factor.





\Multiple Interfaces

Lakowa’s custom development department has 10 licenses on ZW3D. It helps the engineers fulfill challenging tasks by taking in account the customers’ own tools, production techniques and manufactured products. “The acquisition of the data model in ZW3D works better each year”, commented Andreas Happel, Director of Engineering and Development “The program is evolving quickly and emphatically.”


ZW3D Mold & Die


 Most data Lakowa receives is native CATIA-files, which is taken as STEP-data with module parameters. The models are then modified according to requirements of process technology and it is completed in ZW3D without a hitch.


Specific and Useful Functions\

Lakowa mainly receives orders for new development within existing assembly-structures that are meant to take place within ambient conditions. The stable hybrid modeler has all the features that can be found in much more expensive CAD programs and ZW3D has specific and very useful functions for the preparation of thermoforming: for example, geometrical figures can be quickly and easily checked for undercuts.



 Continuous CAD/CAM Functions

“The process of data transfer regarding design and part-design for manufacturing molds was an important criterion in selecting the program” said Andreas Happel.                            

 The powerful CAM module of ZW3D is used for: de-molding plastic parts that are provided by in-house production facilities and cut with openings and holes. The 5 axis milling programs are created directly in the ZW3D – without interface data loss or duplication.



\Individual Support and Training

Encee’s excellent reputation has once again shown through with their attentiveness and quality of service. Phone inquiries, remote maintenance requests and difficult cases are handled quickly and efficiently. Encee also provides personnel training where participants are asked to consider and review problems they have encountered in order to provide the others with comprehensive and reasonable solutions. This saves a lot of time and constantly enables Lakowa to improve the way they work.



 Success speaks for itself: Lakowa was able to expand its RIM-part-manufacturing, molding, CNC machining and assembly. ZW3D  has proven it can meet their demands and more.


About ZW3D

ZW3D  is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment. 




John Chow


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