Success metrics:

——ZW3D is a cost-effective 3D CAD/CAM platform

——ZW3D is able to open any DWG promptly and precisely

——ZW3D supplies technical support diversified customized service


To find an effective 3D CAD/CAM with extraordinary data exchange capability to check out 2D sheets and design.


Sango chose ZW3D CAD/CAM to assist the former 2D CAD. ZW3D, with excellent data translator, has functionalities like extrude, sweep & loft etc. and can create 3D models accordingly from DWG. Besides, the research & development team of ZW3D also offers timely support to Sango. All mentioned above help Sango fuel the design efficiency and reduce the unnecessary cost.

Industry:  Automotive

Product(s) Used: ,,

Benefit: ZW3D helps Sango streamline their former 2D design


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