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Dutch Ceramics company rejuvenates with ZW3D
Looking at the outstanding modeling capabilities of ZW3D plus the integrated CAM module made the technical decision none too difficult. ZW3D was very affordable in comparison to other products and we could continue producing our lovely products with ZW3D.
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Royal Goedewaagen, www.royalgoedewaagen.nl, has nearly four centuries of tradition in ceramics and enjoys a world-wide reputation. In 1610, the then people's ceramic works De Star in Gouda, Netherlands produced simple day to day usable items in ceramics. In 1779, Dirck Goedewaagen became a part of an important ceramic pipe-makers guild in the city of Gouda, and in 1853, De Star was bought by Goedewaagen, this becoming the basis of the Goedewaagen company today.


Goedewaagen later acquired outstanding specialists in producing Jugendstil and Art Deco ceramics, and in 1964, bought the assets of the world famous ceramics factory Plateelbakkerij in Zuid, Holland. Royal Goedewaagen entered new development fields, including the production of the world famous miniature ceramic delft houses which has been carried out ever since.


\In 1984, the fully integrated company expanded into large export markets, notably the USA. The technical developments necessary to accommodate this type of production led to diversification into other export markets. In the late 90’s Royal Goedewaagen founded it’s own museum displaying the history of Dutch ceramics, and took over the Flora factory thus gaining access to design ceramics developed by famous Dutch artists.


With this rapid expansion of markets and products, the traditional artists and craftsmen at Royal Goedewaagen had to make the leap to CAD/CAM technology to remain competitive. Goedewaagen determined that to progress their craft in the modern world, they had to step-up and find a way to incorporate modern technologies into their design and manufacturing processes.


The decision to abondon traditional methods was difficult, but their decision to invest in ZW3D was not difficult. Proprietor Drs Siebe Kamer: “Looking at the outstanding modeling capabilities of ZW3D plus the integrated CAM module made the technical decision none too difficult. We found that ZW3D was very affordable in comparison to other products and we were more than able to continue producing our lovely products with ZW3D”.


\ZW3D brings key benefits to Design, Production and Productivity
The introduction of ZW3D and their first milling machine was a mini-revolution at Goedewaagen in terms of technology and their approach to design and manufacture. “We started with simple models for the production of our world-famous Delft miniatures. Within months we had progressed to creating complex projects” remarked Kamer. “One particular project, the Achala Bowl, for which we deployed ZW3D throughout design, mold design and manufacturing processes, was finished in a matter of days. Previously, traditional methods would have taken weeks, yet still not have quite the accuracy and quality of appearance we achieved by using ZW3D”.


Edwin Rappard, 4C Consultants, the ZW3D distributor for The Netherlands and Belgium, said “Royal Goedewaagen is one of the first companies ever to produce this kind of work using CAD/CAM, yet I knew from the moment I met the company that ZW3D had all the answers to their requirements.”


About 4C Creative Cad Cam Consultants
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