Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling: Future Trends of 3D CAD Modeling

Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, developed on ZW3D’s OverdriveTM kernel, combines the traits of both solid modeling and surface modeling technologies to enable flexible and convenient 3D CAD designing.
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Boosting Mold Design with ZW3D CAD/CAM

Are you suffering the various frustrations during mold design process? Are you troubled by tedious core & cavity splitting? ZW3D can help to provide a productive workflow during mold design process as a time saver.
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Manufacturing Better Product Smartly with ZW3D CAM

ZW3D CAM, powered by the unique QuickMillTM technology, can assist you to machine smartly and efficiently with seamless collaboration between CAD & CAM.
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Speeding Up CNC Machining with ZW3D Tool Path Editor

Tool Path Editor, a tool embedded in ZW3D CAD/CAM 2014 allowing further modification of the tool path, can reduce programming time and boost CNC machining with commands like ReOrder, Trim, Extend and Transform.
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Enjoy Convenient and Flexible Product Design with ZW3D

ZW3D, powered by the unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, can speed up the product process and boost design productivity with the shortened learning curve and the flexibility of design.
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Secrets on Simplifying Mechanical Design Procedures

ZW3D, empowered by parametric technology and all-in-one CAD/CAM solution, can simplify mechanical designing by supporting synchronization of changes on parts, assembly and CNC programs, saving leads time with reduced communication cost.
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