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ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou) is a reliable provider of all-in-one CAx (CAD/CAM/CAE) solutions with self-developed 2D CAD, 3D CAD/CAM, and electromagnetic/structural simulation technologies. Committed to advancing CAx technologies, ZWSOFT has set up 6 R&D centers in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Florida as well as independently developed Overdrive, a 3D geometric modeling kernel.

Since 2004, ZWSOFT has sold its products to over 1,400,000 genuine users in AEC and MFG industries from more than 90 countries and districts. ZWSOFT has been recognized by well-known companies in mechanical, electronic, automotive, architectural, transportation, energy, etc. fields, such as CH. Karnchang, Deltamarin Poland, Dragados Offshore S.A., Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam, LG, and SIEMENS.

Based on its advanced CAD/CAM technologies, ZWSOFT has devoted itself to education. From textbook compilation, curriculum development to the construction of training workshops, ZWSOFT has catered to the educational reform requirements and has provided solutions for architectural and mechanical majors as well as creative 3D printing practices to over 3,000 undergraduate and vocational institutions. Meanwhile, ZWSOFT has served more than 70,000 schools with its innovative educational software, courses, and services for young people across the country.

In the future, ZWSOFT will invest more heavily in the R&D of core CAx technologies and build reliable all-in-one CAx solutions with its 3D CAD geometric modeling kernel technology. Moreover, ZWSOFT will establish a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for the industry and make more contributions to the development of a high-end engineering software system.

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Development History

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December, College-Enterprise cooperation was launched, including “Industry College”, “Simulation Training Base”, and “Employment, Education, Competition, Certification”, in an effort to build a training system for industrial software professionals.

September, ZW3D 2022 SP2 was first released. Following the realization of curve command support for G3 continuity in ZW3D 2022, ZW3D 2022 realized G3 curvature continuity to better meet the needs of multi-industry customers for high-quality modeling.

August, ZWSOFT entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with SouthGIS to develop “CAD+CASS” solutions of surveying and mapping industry. To date, ZWSOFT has cooperated with over 200 developers worldwide.

May, the 7th ZWorld 2021 Online was held. Over 1800 partners, enterprises and individual users across the globe watched the live stream which showcased an overall picture of the latest technologies in ZWCAx and new ideas to empower the industrial software ecosystem.

April, ZWSOFT Xi'an R&D Center was established, forming a well distributed portfolio of ZWSOFT's 6 major R&D centers to build a solid foundation for technological breakthroughs in CAx. The “2021 China Engineering Software Innovation Summit” and related events were initiated to explore new solutions for empowering the next level of enterprise digital transformation with the core CAx technologies of ZWSOFT.

March, ZWSOFT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. It’s China’s first listed company in industrial CAD software and its Class A shares trade under “688083”.


December, ZWSim, the CAE product series which includes ZWSim Structural for structural analysis, ZWSim-EM for electromagnetic simulation, and ZWMeshWorks, the CAE platform for solver integration, was officially released. It meant ZWSOFT has formed the product matrix covering 2D CAD, 3D CAD/CAM, and CAE.

November, The ZWSOFT Education Cloud Platform facilitated the "graphics Olympics", the 13th "Higher Education Cup" National Advanced Drafting Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition for College Students.

September, Continuing to focus on tackling more complex design, ZW3D 2021 brought forth a great deal of new functions and enhancements for friendlier user experience, as well as more efficient and higher-quality product design and manufacturing.

August, The faster and smoother ZWCAD 2021 was officially launched with the upgraded graphic engine, Transparency, Viewport Layer, and many more new features and improvements.

July, 3D One AI, an artificial intelligent 3D simulation program developed by ZWSOFT, was launched. The 3D One series of products were compiled into national and provincial textbooks.


December, ZW3D 2020 was released with tons of new capabilities and enhancements in CAD/Mold/CAM modules, enabling users to design and manufacture complex products more easily.

August, ZWSim-EM 2019, a 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator, was officially released. With high precision, high efficiency, low memory footprint and powerful modeling capabilities, it is committed to providing users with an industry-specific, RF-related and all-in-one simulation solution.

June, With the multi-core processing technology, ZWCAD 2020 became unprecedentedly fast, and also delivered new features and enhancements such as Data Extraction, PDF Underlay Manager, and Lisp Debugger.

March, The "Move to All-in-One CAx" themed ZWorld 2019 (former GPC), an open platform for engineering sharing was held in Guangzhou, which was a great success attracting over 120 partners from about 30 countries, 120 customers from 4 countries, developers, experts and media friends.


December, Over 40,000 educational institutions were registered with the 3D One community. There were more than 15.6 million 3D One users and 32 related textbooks, beginning a new chapter of "Everyone can Design" innovative education.

August, ZWCAD 2019 was launched with a great many new features and improvements, as well as notably enhanced stability and efficiency, to help users create amazing things.

February, The ZWSOFT CAE R&D center was established, marking a big step towards building the all-in-one CAx platform.

January, The launch of ZW3D 2019, a breakthrough in productivity improvements from design to manufacturing was announced, helping to bring complex products to the market faster.


December, ZWSOFT announced the global availability of ZW3D 2018, which is positioned as a CAD&CAM expert with enhanced performance and user-friendliness taking care from design to manufacturing.

August, ZWCAD 2018 was released officially to global users. Having been further improved based on the former version, it contains more new features which give full concern to user experience, such as Dark Theme UI and CUI, promising efficient design work.

March, The 6th ZWSOFT GPC was held in Guangzhou with over 200 participants taking part in it, among whom are ZWSOFT’s global partners, overseas key accounts, users from famous enterprises in China and several mainstream media.

January, The headquarters of ZWSOFT was moved to Pearl River Tower in Zhujiang Newtown, which is the CBD of Guangzhou. The new stage of development has begun.


2016 The global sales performance of ZWSOFT hit a record high and maintained rapid growth for consecutive years. With more than 550,000 genuine users around the world, its market share has been expanding constantly.

December, Featuring more practical and flexible modeling & CNC functionalities, ZW3D 2017 was launched officially to global users. Equipped with stronger compatibility, more flexible sheet metal module and improved CAM module, ZW3D 2017 was set to boost design for the manufacturing industry.

August, The grand opening of the 1st ZWSOFT Education Partners Conference attracted more than 100 partners in China, discussing how to rely on 3D One to establish the Maker Education ecosystem.

June, ZWCAD 2017 made its debut and continued to offer permanent licenses to global users.


August, The 17th anniversary of ZWSOFT witnessed its devotion to CAD R&D and innovation. Providing budget-friendly software and services to CAD/CAM users, it has won the support and appreciation from more than 80 countries worldwide.

August, 3D One, the first creative 3D design software for teenagers, came into the market with a high profile. It not only provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functions according to the way of cultivating students’ creative thinking, but also brings forth the all-in-one Maker Education solutions targeting at primary and middle schools, vocational schools and universities.

April, The 5th GPC was held successfully in Guangzhou, attracting over 200 participants in the industry from 32 countries to witness the remarkable achievements ZWOSFT made in CAD technological innovations and international development.

March, ZW3D 2015 was available with significant improvements in stability, compatibility and modeling ability.


May, The 2nd generation of ZWCAD realized timely and smooth data interaction between PC or mobile devices. It was also the beginning of the Smart series.

February, ZW3D 2014 Beta Version was released to help more users quickly acquire design skills with 3D CAD thanks to more powerful data compatibility and higher usability.


October, ZWCAD Mechanical 2014 and ZWCAD Architecture 2014 were announced to be available to provide professional application solutions satisfying users’ special needs.

September, ZWCAD 2014 entered into the market with significantly improved compatibility, new functions such as dynamic block, CUI customized Ribbon interface, online updating, and original intelligent voice function, remarkably increasing the efficiency of professional design.

March, ZW3D 2013 was launched to global users and became "the easiest way to design with 3D CAD".


November, As a professional design program based on ZWCAD platform and targeted at construction design, ZWCAD Architecture was launched officially.

July, After restructuring, ZWCAD started its 2nd generation. At the same time, ZWCAD Mechanical, which was developed on ZWCAD platform, was also released.

March, ZW3D 2012 was unveiled with brand-new operation interface and whole-process plastic mold design solution.

February, The 3rd GPC was held with a great success. Over 100 partners from more than 40 countries gathered together to witness ZWSOFT’s new leap of global expansion.


November, ZWCAD 2012 was born with the improvement of more than 900 details, realizing smoother design.

June, ZW3D 2011 finally stood in the spotlight after one-year dedicated cooperation between the R&D centers in Wuhan, China and Florida, initiating the new era of budget-friendly 3D CAD/CAM.


December, Being the first to realize parametric design in China and adding 10+ new functions such as New Adding Table, ZWCAD 2011 was launched globally.

October, "Design.Navigation" National Circuit Exhibition was kicked off in Guangzhou and was held in 8 central cities and 15 key cities in China.

September, The 2nd GPC was held at Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel with more than 100 partners from over 40 countries taking part in it.

July, ZWSOFT managed to purchase the technology and R&D team of VXCAD/CAM from VX Corporation in America, after which the high-end 3D software ZW3D was brought to the front.

Beginning of 2010 ZWCAD 2010 was released globally and sold to more than 180,000 genuine users from 80 countries and districts.


November, ZWSOFT has donated to another Hope Primary School "ZWSOFT Mi’er Hope Primary School", which was established in Mi’er Temple, Hong’an County, Hubei Province.

August, The 1st GPC was held and attracted nearly 100 partners form over 30 countries, marking the phased success of ZWSOFT’s international strategy.


December, ZWCAD 2009 announced its official release and ZWCAD enjoyed a popularity among over 150,000 genuine users from 75 countries and districts.

September, National Circuit Exhibition of Domestic CAD Software Solution which lasted for 3 months was undertaken by ZWSOFT and held in 13 big and medium cities.

August, This time saw the 10th anniversary of ZWSOFT and the debut of the first Hope Primary School donated by ZWSOFT and called "ZWSOFT Chang Keng Hope Primary School".

March, ZWSOFT Wuhan Branch Office was founded.


December, ZWCAD 2008 made a strong debut with its launch event being held successfully in Beijing.

March, ZWCAD 2007 stood in the spotlight.

January, ZWSOFT was awarded the honorable title of "2006 Excellent Supplier of Manufacturing Information in China".

January, ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. was officially renamed "ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)".


September, ZWCAD was chosen as one of the pilot units of Agency Share Transfer System among the non-listed limited companies in the high-tech industrial development zone.

May, ZWCAD 2006 was released and built the new standard for domestic 2D CAD software. The number of genuine users of ZWCAD exceeded 20,000.

February, ZWCAD passed the software testing and evaluation held by China Exploration and Design Association.

January, ZWCAD was awarded as "2005 Recommended Excellent Software Product" by China Software Industry Association, and it was also the only domestic CAD software to receive this great honor.


October, ZWCAD passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements conducted by Ministry of Construction, becoming the CAD software MOC mainly generalized.


October, The number of genuine users passed 10,000, among whom there were magnates such as Guangzhou Honda Automobile, Delixi Group, China Mobile Group Design Institute, etc.

April, ZWCAD was sold well globally and ZWCAD Overseas Department was established.

March, ZWCAD 2004 was launched, taking the lead of domestic CAD.


April, ZWCAD was honored as "Excellent Software" in Guangzhou.


December, ZWCAD passed the software testing and evaluation held by Software Evaluation Center of China CEPREI Laboratory, which is the national-level software evaluation institution.

November, ZWCAD was hired by Ministry of Science and Technology as the teaching unit of "CAD International Training Course of Urban Planning, Architectural and Interior Design".

June, Being the only one of its kind, ZWCAD was granted by Guangdong Economy and Trade Committee the qualification of "The First Service Providers of Enterprise Information Technology in Guangdong Province".

January, ZWCAD was transferred from the developer of application software to the supplier of CAD platform software.


August, ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. was registered and established officially.

Corporate Culture

  • Vision


    To provide reliable all-in-one CAx solutions to worldwide users.

  • Mission


    To provide reliable software & services to worldwide CAD/CAM/CAE users.

    To establish a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for design software industry.

    To promote industrial innovation and progress.

  • Values


    To be humble and persistent, righteous and fearless.

    Happy work, happy life.

    User experience is the priority.

    Happiness for all is the real happiness.


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