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ZWCAD+ Highlights Better Collaboration and Cleaner Drawing with Express Tool

March 01, 2013


Guangzhou, China: March 01, 2013--ZWCAD+, a CAD solution with greater .dwg support, better memory control and code-level API compatibility, has embedded more powerful express tools into its latest service pack to increase design efficiency. Focusing on customer feedbacks, the ZWCAD+ team find that overkill and drawing lockup are gaining in popularity among all the tools and applications, which can greatly help designers address the increasing need for collaborative design and reduce file size.



Ray Howard, a civil engineer with 18 years of hands-on technical industry experience working in civil engineering and surveying, has commented on Express Tools in his product review for ZWCAD+,“ZWSOFT has been including express tools as a part of ZWCAD for several releases. This set of tools is the prerequisite for every power user.”



Unique Drawing Lockup for Better Collaborative Design

“The old way to encrypt a drawing is to save it in another format that does not allow file changes,” said Daniel Huang, Product Manager of ZWCAD+. “Such kind of method can retain design security, but it has ignored the need for collaborative design. In a design team, it will be inconvenient if their supervisor cannot move, cut or copy the drawing to make final adjustments.”



To better meet the need for better collaboration, ZWCAD+ provides a quick and easy approach to lock and unlock drawings. With Drawing Lockup, designers can easily select and encrypt their finished drawings so that they don’t need to worry about their designs being changed. Moreover, users will also be prompted to set a password for unlock. Teamwork efficiency and productivity can be greatly improved by sharing more accurate designs with Drawing Lockup.





Clean-Up Master against Redundant Lines and Objects

Designers may have ever been plagued with drawings containing many overlapping elements, which distract designers and increase the possibility of wrong selection. Using Overkill in ZWCAD+, the designers can delete thousands of unnecessary elements at once and avoid rework. Designers can also ignore certain properties or choose their favorite features to meet special customized needs. Tests have shown that overkill can sharply pare down the amount of useless information, making their working environment clean and tidy in no time.





ZWSOFT is committed to providing architects, designers and building professionals the tools they need to improve design efficiency, product quality as well as user experience. Besides drawing lockup and overkill, ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1 has developed other useful express tools such as Scale List and Mvsetup to further increase its industrial applicability. Try ZWCAD+ SP1 now and enjoy the efficiency brought by the powerful express tools, click here to download.



About ZWCAD+

ZWCAD+ is the next milestone of the well-received ZWCAD, a proven CAD solution with 320,000+ customers throughout the world. It leverages the power of its new and superior kernel and provides a fluid and efficient design experience.



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