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Multistation SAS Appointed as French Distributor for ZW3D CAD/CAM Software

March 13, 2012


Guangzhou, China: March 13, 2012---Multistation is pleased to announce that it has recently been appointed as French Distributor for ZW3D CAD/CAM software.


ZW3D is a cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, which takes engineers from concept to finished product in one easy-to-use, single collaborative environment. Supported by its Show-n-Tell™ built-in learning system, ZW3D includes data exchange to allow efficient reuse and sharing of designs, hybrid modeling with its unique Overdrive™ kernel, mold and die design with cavity preparation tools and component libraries, and intelligent, adaptive CNC machining from 2-axis through to 5-axis.  


Powerful Data Exchange

In ZW3D, users can directly read many 3D CAD software formats, such as NX, Solidworks, CATIA, Creo and Inventor. It can also support 3D exchange standards, including DWG, STEP, IGES, ACIS, DXF, Parasolid, SAT, and STL  along with exporting models in PDF and raster images.

Productive Hybrid Modeling with Direct Edit

ZW3D enables designers to work seamlessly with 3D solids, surfaces, and wireframe models. Users can enjoy flexibility with hybrid modeling, quickly and easily edit all imported geometry through direct edit. Smooth surfaces with freefrom surfacing and dynamic shape morphing can also be generated.


Whole-Process Mold Design

In ZW3D, what’s incredible is that user can split any 3D model, not just solid models, rapidly create parting lines and faces, cores, and cavities usinga variety of flexible methods, employ many kinds of standard mold bases, such as DME, HASCO, LKM, and MISUM, speed up preparation time through multiple electrode extraction.


Efficient 2-5X Milling and Turning

With this aspect of function, user can increase machining efficiency with integrated CAD, dramatically reduce programming time through automatic hole tactics, generate powerful milling functions with 2-axis to 5-axis machines, improve productivity by 30% through QuickMillTM Technology’s efficient roughing, rest-roughing, and quality of milled surfaces, and employ the new turning module.


There are 6 versions of ZW3D 2012.. For basic users, ZW3D Standard is meant for product design; ZW3D Professional adds mold design; ZW3D 2X Machining is for basic CAD and two-axis machine; ZW3D 3X Machining for three-axis machining, as well as for basic CAD; ZW3D 5X meets the need of 4&5-axis machining, which needs to be added on any other solution to work;   ZW3D Premium is for all-in-one CAD/CAM modeling with 2-3X machining.


"We are extremely excited about the agreement with ZWSOFT as it means Multistation is now able to service a much wider range of clients with our premium software offerings," said Yannick Loisance –CEO of Multistation. "As ZW3D is fully featured out of the box and affordably priced we believe ZW3D will take the market by storm and are excited to be chosen as a pivotal part of their growth plans."



ZWSOFT is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider for the AEC and MCAD industries, with over 180,000 clients in 80 countries. ZWSOFT's products, ZWCAD and ZW3D, have satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D designers for over a decade.


About Multistation

Multistation SAS, pioneer in ZW3D CAD/CAM solutions, Prototyping and Machine Tool offers a range of prototyping machines, machining and equipment manufacturers in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, railway, naval, armament, Education ...
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