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ZW3D Thai Seminar Concluded with Attendee's Praise

June 05, 2012

Guangzhou, China: June 5, 2012Digital Design Automation Co., Ltd., the authorized reseller of ZW3D in Thailand, recently held an introductory ZW3D seminar in Nonthaburi, Thailand. An in-depth live demo of ZW3D’s remarkable features was given, showing the audience its intricate features including mold design, CNC machining, and tailor-made industrial applications. The seminar hit on key points that played to the audiences wants and needs in CAD/CAM software. Digital Design Automation did an outstanding job presenting ZW3D, catering it to the audience and making it not only informational but interesting as well.




This seminar was the first time that many attendees were able to test drive the well known ZW3D software. The responses were wonderful with members highlighting the economically friendly price and features like quick mold design process and the powerful 3-axis QuickMillTM. One of the audience members commented that in the future ZW3D will be the choice for their CAD/CAM purchase, because it helps them lower their budget and has all the features they need.




About Digital Design Automation Co., Ltd.

Digital Design Automation Co., Ltd.(D2A) was founded in 1999 by a group of experienced engineers and Mechanical Product Development Consultants who have had years of experience in CAD, CAM and Design Automation. D2A is a product development company who provides one stop solutions to the engineering and manufacturing industries.

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