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Lakowa Utilizes ZW3D and Allows Success to Speak for Itself

November 16, 2012

Guangzhou, China: Nov 16, 2012-Lakowa is a development partner, systems supplier, and manufacturer that was founded in Wilthen, Germany in 1913. They specialize in developing and producing extraordinary plastic parts and use the 3D CAD/CAMsolution, ZW3D to design them.



Lawoka Factory


In 2004, Lakowadecided to upgrade its development tools because they were having difficulty with their current system’s lack of surface functions when attempting 3D constructions. ZW3Dwas chosen because of its innovative and self geometric modeling kernel with surface features. The custom modules for tools and CAM processing as well as accurate data exchange aided this decision. The excellent value for money along with compelling service from Encee, ZW3D’s reseller in Germany was also a crucial factor.



Finished Product by Lakowa


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